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It is a hot sultry and uncomfortably humid afternoon,but model Anchal Kumar looks cool as a cucumber.

Written by Jagmeeta Thind Joy | Published: July 19, 2010 2:11:42 am

Some advice from experts on how to look your best during the rainy season

It is a hot sultry and uncomfortably humid afternoon,but model Anchal Kumar looks cool as a cucumber. In the city for a fashion show,the model from Chandigarh seemed to be hardly affected by the sticky weather. When one asks Kumar how she manages to defy the humidity and prevent it from messing up her makeup,she confides,“The right foundation can work wonders.” “It’s important to understand your skin type and then decide on the make-up. I prefer using loose powder instead of a creamy foundation,” says Kumar who uses Clinique products. “Pores tend to get blocked in this weather. Cleansing and toning should be a part of everyday routine,” says the model who prefers to stick to a light foundation,no heavy eye-makeup and a liberal use of lip gloss.

Backstage before a fashion show,we also got ruling Miss India Manasvi Mamgai,who boasts a dusky and flawless complexion,to dish out her tips for the monsoon. “No matter what,never sleep with your make-up on. It can be disastrous,” she says. She insists that she is blessed with a good skin and follows the cleansing,toning,moisturing regime. “I prefer using a matte foundation when the humidity levels are so high,” she adds. Bare Minerals and MAC products are worth a try,according to her.

While there are umpteen branded creams and concoctions that promise skincare,many stick to natural or home-made remedies when it comes to skincare during the monsoon. “Nothing beats fresh fruit pulp smeared on your face,” says model Alesia Raut. If you have an acne issue,she recommends pressing garlic paste on it for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Monsoon can be tricky if you wear make-up daily,like the city’s pretty television anchor Jaspreet. “Add to it the constant glare of harsh lights in the studio,” she adds. “To keep my skin stress-free,I use a fresh fruit face pack twice a week. Also I make sure I remove all make-up at night,” she adds.

According to Vijay Verma,who runs the salon B:Hair in Sector 46,make-up in the monsoon season should be restricted to using a light foundation,a pale coloured blush-on and no mascara. “One should not neglect the use of water-based moisturisers to fight oily skin,acne and water loss due to perspiration and sweating,” he says.

According to city-based beauty expert Salochna Ahuja,who runs a chain of salons in the tricity,“Acne and pimples tend to erupt in this season. So keep your skin dry,” she says,before mentioning a quick scrub recipe for all types of skin. “Just mix half a teaspoon of rice flour with one teaspoon sandalwood powder,a teaspoon of rose water and one teaspoon of grated cucumber. Apply and rinse when dry,” she signs off.

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