Expansion of colonies,unauthorised localities burdening infrastructure

UnauthoriSed colonies and the rapid expansion of localities is creating a burden on the infrastructure of Chandigarh.

Written by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Published: July 17, 2012 2:38:08 am

UnauthoriSed colonies and the rapid expansion of localities is creating a burden on the infrastructure of Chandigarh. One room tenements that had been allotted to people for rehabilitation have been extended to multilevel houses over the years. The infrastructure that was initially meant to provide for single storey houses is now catering to at least three times that population. Many kinds of problems across the city are a result of this.

The most recent example is the outbreak of diarrhoea at Vikas Nagar in Mauli Jagran. People who were rehabilitated at Vikas Nagar constructed multilevel houses in place of the single storey tenements. The pipelines that were laid for supplying water to cater to these houses are not being able to meet the needs of the people. With the diameter of the pipes being less,water cannot reach the upper storeys. This led to the installation of water boosters on the direct supply line which caused problems in the supply and quality of water.

The past few years have witnessed a large amount of construction activity in the colonies,almost all of which has gone unchecked. Encroachers on land in the city have over the past few decades been rehabilitated by the administration time and again into one room tenaments they were allotted. But this has not yielded much change. Large chunks of land are still being encroached upon,and houses provided under the rehabilitation schemes have also been changed and constructed upon. And though all this construction that has been done was regularized recently,the infrastructure that the city has does not match its rate of expansion.

Recently a tussle was witnessed at Hallomajra when the residents of Deep Complex,a colony has not been regularized,tried to lay water pipelines,connecting these to village Hallomajra. The villagers objected to this as the residents of Deep Complex are not authorized to get water through supply lines. Laying of supply lines would have affected the water supply to Hallomajra. This had was the cause of the tussle.

In Colony Number 4,residents recently complained about not getting adequate electricity. It came to light that they were earlier getting electricity through kundi connections that was affecting supply to the industry. After the electricity supply lines were changed,the residents were unable to get electricity.

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