Early morning water woes at Khuda Lahora

It was around 2.30 am on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday that there was flooding in the houses and it continued till 6.30 am.

Water logging after heavy rain at khudda Lohara village on Wednesday. Express photo

In the early hours when they were fast asleep, residents of Khuda Lahora found themselves in water. Harrowing time was spent by the villagers when they found their houses flooded as water flowed back from the N choe of Patiala ki Rao. Many belongings of residents got damaged in the incident.

Waterlogging after heavy rain at Khuda Lahora village on Wednesday. Express PhotoHouses from number 380 to 391 were the affected lot.

Rohit, one of the house owners, told The Indian Express that several belongings of residents have got damaged.

The residents said that around 10 days ago with the help of city BJP president, they had requested the administration to pull down a small causeway bridge near the Botanical Garden by around 40 feet so that flooding doesn’t happen and the water doesn’t flow back since their drainage pipes are in the area.

“The officials came and pulled down a part of it by 10 feet. Had they paid heed to our request and pulled down the bridge by 40 feet, at least the water would not have flowed back as it did last night,” Rohit said.

The residents said that their houses have been getting flooded with water for the last 15 years. “There were residents whose fridge, sofa got spoilt as water reached up to two to three feet high. We have been facing this damage for quite long now. Now we pray that heavy rain doesn’t take place,” Rohit said, adding that de-silting is also not carried out properly.

Shailender Singh, Chief Engineer of Municipal Corporation, said that it was because of the backflow from Patiala ki Rao that the houses were flooded. “In fact, Chandigarh Administration had made a causeway bridge and pipes were laid above it. Water used to pass through the pipes but along with that there was dried vegetation as well which would block the pathway. Subsequently, the high flood level would also increase. Thus, pipes which are there to drain out the storm water couldn’t do it and there was a back flow because of the obstruction. When bed level at Patiala ki rao increased, the HFL would also increase. That is why administration has been asked to dismantle the causeway bridge, else there would be a problem even tonight if the rain takes place,” the Chief Engineer said.

The Chandigarh Administration’s team was in the process of pulling down the part of causeway bridge so that water doesn’t flow back and there is no alarming situation in the next rain spell.

Sukhna Lake’s water level increases

Sukhna Lake’s water level, which was just 1,156.40 feet two days ago, saw the water level swell. On Wednesday, the water level was 1,160.10 feet. The danger mark when the flood gates have to be opened is 1,163 feet. A team of engineering wing has been kept on stand by if rain increases the water level further.

The UT Adviser directed the engineering department to monitor and man the control room 24X7 to avoid any sort of flooding in the city. The directions were passed after the Khuda Lahora flooding incident.

UT Chief Engineer C B Ojha said that people can call at 4639999 and all complaints will be dealt with. He also said that the officials are monitoring the situation of Sukhna Lake 24X7.

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