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In April this year,Aditya Ashok made a trip to Palolem,Goa,by himself.

Written by Zaira Arslan | Published: June 4, 2013 3:04:11 am

Drummer and solo electronica act Ox7gen puts out his second EP,while also recording alternative rock act The Colour Compound’s first full-length record

In April this year,Aditya Ashok made a trip to Palolem,Goa,by himself. The purpose of the trip wasn’t specifically to make music and put out an album,but the Mumbai-based musician took his recording gear nonetheless. By the end of the week-and-a-half that he spent there,Ashok had made three tracks. Ultimately,he got rid of one that he didn’t think was good enough,and put the other two out last week on an EP titled,An Ocean For Everyone.

In 2011,the 23-year-old adopted the moniker Ox7gen and began making drum and bass mixes. “I started playing the drums with college bands while studying at St Xavier’s in 2006,but we mostly did covers,” he says. A couple of years later,he became the drummer for a Mumbai-based alternative rock/grunge act Rosemary,which was fairly well-known in the competition circuit. Around the same time,he and three of his friends from college also put together The Colour Compound,another alternative rock band. While the former disbanded in 2011,the latter is still active and has put out one EP so far.

Alongside The Colour Compound and playing with Rosemary,Ashok had also begun listening to drum and bass at the time. Eventually,he acquired some production gear and began making music himself. Soon after,in 2011,he joined electro-rock/alternative duo Shaa’ir + Func as drummer,but continued to make music by himself on the side as well.

His solo career took off when he opened for drum and bass act Bay Beat Collective and then signed with Mumbai-based booking agency/record label Krunk. With them he released his first EP in December last year,titled Any Minute Now. “I’m fairly into ambient,drum and bass stuff,” he says,talking about his chosen sound. The five-track EP,however,is less the former and more the latter,with fast-paced,danceable songs.

His second EP,An Ocean For Everyone,is where his fancy for ambient music becomes apparent. The first (and title) track is a much more downtempo,melodic sounding track than anything he’s ever put out,while the second,Fox dogs in the summer,goes back to the sound that dominated Any Minute Now. “The first track reminds me of the nights I spent in Goa,while the second refers to the days,” he says.

Ashok’s second project,The Colour Compound,will also release its full-length debut record later this year. “About 80 per cent of it is done,” he says. “A lot more thought has gone into this record in terms of the progression of the songs,too,” he adds.

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