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Draft bylaws spare existing buildings that violate norms

There are a total of 23 villages in Chandigarh.

The UT Administration’s draft bylaws to regulate construction in villages do not have provisions for punitive action against buildings that have already been constructed thereby ensuring that many of them — built without plans having been passed and with violations galore — will escape.

The village resident have,meanwhile,sought a month’s extension for filing their objections to the proposed draft and have also demanded that it be published in Hindi and Punjabi; as of now it is only available in English.

There are a total of 23 villages in Chandigarh. Of these,nine are under the purview of the Municipal Corporation while the remaining fall under the Administration. While some bylaws were applicable to the villages that fall under the civic body’s jurisdiction,those under the Administration have had a free run. The proposed bylaws will now be applicable to all the villages.

As per the draft,the maximum height of the building cannot exceed 10.36 metres. The minimum height of the habitable room has been proposed at 2.75 metres while no opening will be allowed on the common walls. The draft further states that no commercial activity would be allowed on a road less than 22 feet wide.


The bylaws,however,will be applicable to buildings that are to come up in the future. It doesn’t address the present problems including construction having taken place outside the lal dora. In fact a large number of guest houses have been illegally operating in the villages. These are multi-storeyed buildings that have scant regard for safety norms.

Sadhu Singh,the former sarpanch of Sarangpur village,believes the bylaws will create problems when residents look to renovate their buildings. “It will be difficult when a building has to be constructed as per the norms when all around it are buildings that flout all norms. Conditions like the width of roads,etc cannot be fulfilled with the existing construction,” he said.