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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Down To Earth

The months of February and March are when gardeners plant cuttings for growing hedges.

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: April 5, 2012 12:36:50 am

The months of February and March are when gardeners plant cuttings for growing hedges. Those planted at that time would have taken root and grown to 15 centimeters by now,and this is when these should be given a ‘head back’ cutting. For this,the plants should be clipped at about 10 centimeter height. By doing this you will encourage its lateral growth wherein more number of shoots will appear to fill the gaps. In case,such cutting is not carried out at this stage,the hedge plants grow straight up and the lower part of the hedge becomes barren and open,thus defeating the very purpose of having a hedge. Keep watering it repeatedly till the hedge is perfectly established.

I want to keep some plants indoors. Can you suggest some hardy species? How many should I keep indoors?

Rajat Kumar,Mohali

You can keep palms,Ficus plants,asparagus and ferns indoors. You will have to take them out and keep them in partial shade every few days. Don’t keep too many plants indoors,especially near the bedroom since they emit carbon-dioxide at night.

I had sown patchypodium seeds that have started growing. Should I follow any precautions?


Don’t give it too much water. Once a week is sufficient. Expose them to partial sunlight from time to time.

I have planted a chicku plant in my garden. Will it bear fruit or will I have to plant another tree for cross-pollination? Any precautions for the new plant?

Satbir Singh,Chandigarh

One chicku plant is sufficient,you won’t need another for cross-pollination. Keep an eye for an appearance of any insect or disease such as a white ants’ attack. If it starts drying at the tip,then clip it,along with a bit of the healthy part as well.

Can I transfer plants from one pot to another now,or is it advisable to wait till the rainy season? I want to multiply asparagus,to be specific.

Surjit Singh,Panchkula

It would be great if you can wait till it rains but it does not matter for hardy plants like asparagus. You can do it now as well.

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