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Friday, July 20, 2018

Down To Earth

Papaya is a rich source of Vitamin A and has significant medicinal value.

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: February 2, 2012 3:25:44 am

Papaya is a rich source of Vitamin A and has significant medicinal value. The papaya tree is easy to maintain and bears fruit in the very first year of being planted. However,it has certain problems associated with growing. The specimen (in the picture above) shows spots of anthracnose wherein some sunken round spots appear,which bear pinkish mass of fungal spores. Thus,the fruit has been rendered unfit for consumption because of it getting spoiled due to secondary fungi. To control this disease,spray the plant with Indofil M-45,dissolved at two gram to a litre of water. Repeat the spray after about a fortnight.

I want to plant aloe vera in my kitchen garden. What precautions do you suggest?


You can easily grow aloe vera in your home garden. Make sure it is not planted near a water source,especially in the area where beds remain moist. Also,ensure that there is sufficient sun. You can grow aloe vera in pots as well.

I have recently seen bluish and green gladiolus spikes. The shopkeeper says those have been coloured. Is it true?


The shopkeeper is right — these are dyed blooms. These are kept in vase,soaked in wet colours that we use during the Holi festival. That colour gets absorbed by the spikes. At times,some people bring such spikes to flower shows which are,however,rejected.

The flower show is round the corner and my dahlia is not showing as much growth as it should. Should I add liquid manure to the pots in order to get good growth?


In case you start adding liquid manure now,the plants will no doubt show vegetative growth but there will be delayed flowering,which you may not get at the time of the show.

A few closed buds on my rose plant have not opened and have turned brown as if burnt. What could be the reason and how can I correct it? Is it due to some insect?

Ram Prakash,Chandigarh

No,it is not due to any insect. It is the cold injury and the blooms that you get in the coming flush will be all right as the weather warms up.

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