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Monday, July 16, 2018

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A plant qualifies to be a good hedge when it takes repeated cuttings well.

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: August 29, 2013 2:41:10 am

A plant qualifies to be a good hedge when it takes repeated cuttings well. Different types of Clerodendron and Duranta are used by gardeners to ensure privacy. These are fast growing shrubbery plants and can be given shapes. The accompanying picture is that of Clerodendron hedge that has been trained by repeated and planned cutting. This is just a clue for you to experiment with your hedge. You can make boxes,balls or even cylinders. You can even carve out animal figures. So use your imagination and go ahead. Now is the best time to get started as it is the growth season.

I have just stepped into gardening as a hobby but do not know much about it. Can I grow methi,bhindi,potatoes,and onions now?


Welcome to the Gardeners’ Club. Yes,you can grow methi,potatoes and onions now,but not bhindi. The time to sow bhindi is in February.

This year’s mango and grape fruiting was satisfactory. What should I do now to get good crop next year too?


Keep an eye for the beetle that makes grape leaves sieve-like. Also look for spots on grape and mango leaves. It will be better if you use preventive spray for the above diseases and insects. Spray bavistin and rogor,dissolved at one gram and two millilitre respectively to a litre of water. Repeat the spray after a fortnight.

The leaves of my Raat-ki-Rani plant are crumbling and have curled. What could be the reason and how can I correct the fault?


The curling in Raat-ki-Rani leaves is due to insects such as thrips and aphids. Spray rogor as suggested above.

What is the best procedure of multiplying euphorbia plants? Is this the right time to do so?


The euphorbia is multiplied by way of cuttings. The best time to multiply it is in June but you can do it now too. After making the cutting,let the latex (milk) dry before it is planted.

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