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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Down To Earth

There are several varieties of the bamboo plant,from small pot grass type to giant stocks.

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: June 14, 2012 2:43:24 am

There are several varieties of the bamboo plant,from small pot grass type to giant stocks. It is not just the size,but also the colour variations available that makes bamboo a favourite with the landscapers. Therefore,it can be used not just in the garden,but also as a hedge,pot plant,an ‘emphasis plant’ and as a bonsai. In fact,bamboo is a complete garden feature forming plant. This is the time when it is multiplied by way of rhizomes that can be extracted to be planted at a new place.

I have already taken the fruit off the grapevine. Is there any procedure that I should follow to make sure that the vine stays in good health during the next season?


Yes,you can spray the vine with blitox,dissolved at three gram to a litre of water,to check the dead art and anthracnose disease.

The cucumber and bottle gourd that I grew in my kitchen garden are bitter. What could be the reason and how can I prevent it?

Sartaj Singh,Chandigarh

This could be due to many reasons,including poor quality seeds,lack of nutrition and water stress. Always procure seeds of known varieties,suitable for your region. At this stage nothing can be done.

The phalsa crop in my garden is getting ready,but only a few berries are ready at one time. How can I enhance the ripening so that more berries are ready at one time?


Phalsa ripens that way only. Nothing can be done to enhance its ripening. So keep picking it periodically.

My mango plant has some unproductive bunches. What are these and what should I do to check them?

Sarabjit Singh,Panchkula

These unproductive bunches are malformed floral or vegetative growth bunches. Remove them with a small healthy twig and destroy them. This is the only way to discourage such growth.

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