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Friday, July 20, 2018

Down To Earth

Now when the city’s flora colour is fading with the summer heat,a climber is giving blue blooms in plenty.

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: May 3, 2012 3:27:32 am

Now when the city’s flora colour is fading with the summer heat,a climber is giving blue blooms in plenty. It is called morning glory (in the picture). It gets its name due to opening of the blooms at the crack of dawn. Much liked for the cool blue colour,it is also a favourite with gardeners due to its fast growth. It covers any given surface in almost no time. The range of flowers is also very wide and attractive. There could be deep colour bands or two colours of the flowers. In some of the species,however,the climber is sensitive to cold weather and may even die. It’s also not fussy about soil and water needs.

I want to plant a lemon tree in my home garden. Can I do it now,a time when the weather is quite cool?

Satbir Singh,Mohali

This is just a small spell of change for such a venture. In case of orchards,we do not advise lemon to be planted in this month,but in the home garden,if you can properly look after the plant,you can do so.

I had very good petunias in my garden this winter. I want to keep the seed for the next season. How and when should I collect these?

Sant Ram,Chandigarh

You are a little late as the petunias have started shedding seeds by now. However,harvest the pods when they start changing colour from green to brown. Full brown pods will split and the seeds will be lost.

I had planted euphorbia cuttings about 20 days back and watered the pots too. But the cuttings have started dying. What could be the reason and how should I plant them afresh?


It seems that you watered too much. Also,there was some stagnation. Make the cutting,leave it in shade for two days and let the oozing milk dry and then plant them. Water it once and then keep an eye on the moisture status as the soil should not be allowed to dry completely.

My summer annual seedlings have established. What precautions do you suggest?


With the sudden change in the weather,there may be an appearance of insect pests or diseases. Do a blanket spray of rogor and bavistin,dissolved as one millilitre and one gram respectively to a litre of water.

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