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Happy days are ahead for rose lovers as the bushes have started putting forth bloom flushes.

Happy days are ahead for rose lovers as the bushes have started putting forth bloom flushes. Seeing a rose bloom,one indeed feels this is the queen of flowers. For best results,keep an eye on the flowering shrub and remove fading or faded blooms at once to let others appear from below. Unless the seeding blooms are not removed,the new ones do not appear. Also look occasionally in to the folds of petals to locate very tiny light green,yellow or black strips. Check out the bloom petals where these are attached. You will find a number of them. Take proper plant protection measure. Do not try to inhale rose blooms from close. You may be in for a surprise.

I am not getting good vegetables in my garden. For this I want to get the water tested. How and from where can I get it done?
Ram Singh,Chandigarh

The water in the kitchen garden cannot be the reason as the supply is common for all. Look for other reasons,like poor quality seed,shade location etc. Send the details of the conditions,then only will I be able to guide you.

I had planted burf as border and salvia as the main plant in one of the corners of my home garden. Whereas the salvia is doing well,the burf is not. They are in the same bed. What could be the reasons?
Suresh Kumar,Panchkula

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You have planted these plants in the corner and it shows the corner is shady as the salvia is doing well and burf is not. The burf is essentially a plant for sunny locations. The flowers will open only when exposed to full sun for a long period of time.

I have areca palm in my pots. These are two year old. Two plants are drying. Should I shift them in the soil?
Manjit Kalra,Chandigarh

The plants may need changing of pot but this is not the time to disturb palms. Rather shift them to some protection of a verandah or tree where they may get early morning sun.


Can I start making cuttings of shehtoot and phalsa now? When can the nimboo plant be multiplied and how?
Rajan Gupta,Panchkula

You can prepare shehtoot and phalsa cuttings now. For nimboo,it is too early,wait till the turn of the weather. The best time will be spring and you can do it by way of ground or air layering (gooti method)

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First published on: 23-12-2010 at 00:47 IST
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