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Friday, July 20, 2018

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Winter is approaching fast,so is the time to sow winter flower seeds.

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: September 19, 2013 3:14:10 am

Winter is approaching fast,so is the time to sow winter flower seeds. There is a wide range of flowers such as nasturtium,salvia,cineraria,antirrhinum,dianthus and aster that can be grown. This year,let there be something different from the usual. You must have grown statice previously — the ones with white,yellow or blue tiny flowers — the twigs of which could be preserved as such for the next year for use as dry flower. But have you grown the statice that you can see in the picture above? I am sure you have not. With the passage of time,new species and varieties keep getting introduced. So keep yourself abreast with the latest and enjoy gardening,with an edge.

I had sown some flowering seeds that started sprouting. But the young seedlings started falling as soon as they emerged.What could be the reason and how can I stop this?

Satwant Singh,Chandigarh

This is due to infection of soil-borne fungi. Drench the soil with bavistin solution made by dissolving bavistin powder at two gram to a litre of water.

I am fond of yellow roses and want to plant them now. What are the varieties and where will these be available?


For yellow roses,grow Buccaneer and Golden Giant. I am not sure you will get these varieties by name anywhere. However,you can visit nurseries and find if there is any plant available with the blooms on. You can select from the lot.

Can I start pruning in roses now? Any precautions?

Sat Pal,Panchkula

You can start pruning in roses now but it will be better if you wait for another fortnight. While pruning,cover the cut end with some disinfectant.

Can you name some of the plants that can be multiplied by leaf cutting?

Des Raj

These are bryophyllum (patharchat) and begonia.

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