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Down to Earth: Gardening tips from Dr. Satish Narula

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: September 11, 2013 1:03:20 am

I will never say that you must have been fed up with common flowers such as dahlia,carnation and geranium,as flowers can never be repulsive even if there’s a difference in the liking of individuals. But how about trying something different this winter? Normally,we buy some of the flowers from the market as a bouquet or bunch and think these are exotic and cannot be produced in the home garden. But this is a myth. You can easily grow those flowers without any special efforts. This is the first call for procuring bulbs. The planting can be delayed by about 15 days more. These are to be treated with bavistin by dipping for about two hours in solution made by dissolving the chemical at two gram to a litre of water.

Can I transplant winter seedlings now? I had sown the seeds in the last month and these are now about four to six inches high.

Sarvesh Kumar,Chandigarh

Yes,you can transplant these now. I hope you have prepared the bed by adding manure and fertilisers earlier.

When does the poinsettia flower? I had purchased single and double varieties this monsoon. Which of the two will flower earlier?


The poinsettia flowers in December and continues till April. Keep the plants in full sun. There is no time difference in blooming between single and double varieties.

I had sown palak in my kitchen garden about 20 days ago. It started sprouting a few days after that,but then vanished. What could be the reason? Do I have to sow it again?


It seems there was stagnation of rain water in the bed and the emerging seedlings died. You will have to sow the bed afresh.

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