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Down To Earth

The beauty of the cacti is not only in its form but also the flowers.

The beauty of the cacti is not only in its form but also the flowers. They are very attractive and are truly a photographer’s delight. The flowers are mostly in sharp colours and the range varies from deep red and scarlet to yellow and white. The flowers,however,in most cases are very short-lived,having a life of not more than a day or so.

In case of the Star of Bethlehem,the flowers open in the dead of night and are gone by dusk. They are extremely fragrant.

I want to grow papaya in my garden. Which is the best variety and time to do so?


You may not get the desired varieties in and around Chandigarh. You may contact Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) for varieties like Pusa Dwarf,Honey Dew,Punjab Sweet and so on. Another way is that you can use the seed of papaya that you have eaten and liked. Wash it and sow immediately after eating the fruit. Papaya can be planted from the second week of July to first week of September.


Last year,I had noticed that my guava fruit
had been attacked by some insect. Which
insect could this be and how can I overcome
this problem?

Satinder Singh,Mohali

The insect is fruit fly,the maggots of which infest the fruit. The insect appears in monsoons,when the fruit ripens. It is not easy to control this pest. It is better to avoid summer guava crop so that one gets a better quality winter crop. In case you can consume the fruit when it is still hard,it will be free of insects.

I had planted portulaca in one bed. They have grown well and I want to shift some of them to another bed. Can I do so now and how?

Gurdev Singh,Chandigarh

Yes,you can plant them now. Make about four-inch long cuttings from the grown plants from the bed you have planted earlier. The roots will appear almost immediately.

I had planted cuttings of euphorbia in pots as suggested by you earlier. How frequently should I water it? How much time will it take to form roots?


You have not said in what medium you have planted the cuttings. If these are in sand,you will have to water the pots at least twice a day and if these are in soil,keep the frequency to thrice a week.

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