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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Down To Earth

If you thought there are nothing but stones in the pot,you are mistaken.

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: April 19, 2013 3:37:44 am

See the picture above. If you thought there are nothing but stones in the pot,you are mistaken. Focus on the centre and you will find a stone with a split joint and a white mass in the middle. Yes,this is a plant and it is rightly called the living stone,the lithops. This word in Greek means “stone-faced”. It is a type of succulent. For those who are looking for “curious plants”,this is the perfect specimen. Also called the pebble plant,it has thick leaves that you see as stones. There is hardly any stem. The top of the leaves have translucent surface so as to let the light penetrate for photosynthesis. One has to be judicious while applying water. During winter,they become dormant and hardly need any watering. During spring,they flower and also put forth new leaves.

My langra mango plant has not put forth any flower this year. Last year,there was a good amount of fruit. The dusehri has,however,borne fruit like last year. What could be the reason?


Langra is more prone to alternate bearing habit as compared to dusehri. This means there could be a gap of one or more than one year in bearing in case of langra. It is natural.

Can I grow sarpgandha in my garden or in pots. How is it used?

Manwinder Singh, Chandigarh

Yes,you can grow sarpgandha in your garden in beds or in pots. It bears an attractive flowering and seed formation. However,about its use,you will have to contact an Ayurvedic doctor.

I have already sprayed my mango trees with karathane twice and now there are tiny fruits on the tree. Should I spray it again?

Ram Kumar,Panchkula

Yes,the mango should be sprayed once again when the fruit is pea-sized.

How frequently should I water portulaca plants in pots and in beds?


Portulaca is a very hardy summer annual plant. It does not suffer on account of missed watering. However,it you are having this constraint,water at a gap of three to four days. Be more frequent in watering in pots.

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