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Zephyranthes lily is available in three colours — pink,yellow and white.

Written by Dr Satish Narula | Published: September 20, 2012 12:41:37 am

Zephyranthes lily is available in three colours — pink,yellow and white. It can grow at almost any place,even when neglected. A perennial plant,it keeps the bed green throughout the year.

I have sadabahar plant in my garden. I have heard it is good for diabetics. I want to use it to check my diabetes. How is it consumed and how much?


An ayurvedic doctor will be able to guide you best regarding the benefits and dosage.

I want to plant red and yellow roses in the coming season. Where can I get these and what variety should I grow?


For yellow roses you can go in for Golden Giant and Buccaneer,and for red you can purchase Christian Diao,John F Kennedy,Montazuma and so on. However,I don’t think you will get roses in the local nurseries by their names. So,maybe,you should specify the colour instead.

Which plants are associated with Lakshmi and Narayan,the Hindu goddess and god? I want to plant these in my garden.

Raghubir Singh,Chandigarh

The plant associated with Lakshmi is white bauhinia shrub and with Narayan,it is the blue lotus.

Please name the medicine that controls white ants. I have to treat my lawn.


Chlorpyriphos is a good repellent. You can use it by dissolving at one millilitre to a litre of water.

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