Double Role

For them,all world’s a stage and they play their part with love,passion and perfection. There are no stereotypes to conform to and no barriers that hold back their act.

Written by Parul | Published: February 18, 2009 5:42:23 am

The big screen beckons many theatre actors from the city,yet the stage remains their first love

For them,all world’s a stage and they play their part with love,passion and perfection. There are no stereotypes to conform to and no barriers that hold back their act. So whether it’s the stage or cinema,they want to reach out to audiences,sans inhibitions. For many theatre actors from the city,moving from stage to cinema is a natural progression,a need to grow,explore and be a part of the big picture. Most agree it’s a tough balance to maintain,yet worth the effort.

“I just want to act,be it in a film,theatre,street play…and that’s what drives me to excel,’’ Rocky,who’s been part of Neelam Mansingh’s theatre group The Company for years,will be seen in Deepa Mehta’s Heaven On Earth opposite Preity Zinta and is busy with the post-production of another film,What’s Cooking Stella. “I am also travelling for stage shows for Neelam ji’s new play,and loving both the roles,’’ Rocky says films have challenges which theatre doesn’t,like you don’t have a character graph in films,while on stage there are no re-takes. “Except for minor technical details cinema and stage are not apart,but theatre gives you the training to deal with any role,process,preparation of character and carves your personality,’’ the young actor,who passed out from the Department of Indian Theatre PU,says theatre becomes a part of your system and being,“and you can’t be separated from it…’’

From Panjab University to the National School of Drama,then to its repertory,Yash Pal Sharma wanted it all,creative satisfaction,fame,name and money. So,he moved to Mumbai,selecting roles in films that appealed to his heart and sensibility. From roles in Welcome To Sajjanpur,Singh is King,Gangaajal,Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi…and now to Benegal’s and David Dhawan’s new movies,Sharma has his plate full. “But in the last six months,I’ve done two new plays and make sure that my schedule has time for both theatre and films. I need time,dedication to rehearse,build a process for theatre and at the end of the day I’m a happy man,and the journey continues,’’ Sharma’s on the move!

Like Ramanjit Kaur,who’s been on centrestage for more than 22 years now,and explored the entire gamut — acting,direction,children’s theatre,workshops,costume,set designing…”there were many offers for films,but I wasn’t ready,until now and after acting in Deepa Mehta’s Fire and Heaven On Earth,I’m raring to get as deep into the process of cinema,as I have done in theatre,’’ Ramanjit hopes to look at roles which make her live for years in people’s hearts. “Characterization,physicality,voice modulation,the stage makes you a complete actor and the only difference in cinema is that you have to be a little subtle and choose roles which make your grow and don’t belittle your talent,’’ smiles Ramanjit,an integral part of The Company.

Nod Ashu and Sunil,also pass-outs of the Theatre Department,PU,who’re all set move to Mumbai. While Ashu is busy staging his new production Seduction in the city,Sunil’s doing a lot of theatre work in Hisar. Ashu was seen in a small role in Dev D and is working in a new film,“it’s a big role and opposite big stars,’’ Ashu feels both cinema and theatre open new worlds for you and is waiting to exhale! “Sensitivity and patience,the stage demands that and the camera wants you to be larger than life,’’ Ashu describes it as an engrossing course.

Sunil’s also done a part in Dev D and also a few roles in Punjabi movies,“cinema is going to be my bread and butter and theatre a tool to voice my thoughts and help bring a positive change in society. The two will never overlap,but complement my life,’’ pronounces the actor. Keep Walking…

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