Demonetisation of currency: Long queues on Sunday too, many return empty-handed in Chandigarh

With Monday being a holiday, there was a huge rush outside banks and ATMs

Written by Shub Karman Dhaliwal | Chandigarh | Published: November 14, 2016 5:07:42 am
demonetisation of currency, Chandigarh news, Punjab news, Chandigarh news on demonetisation, latest news, India news Police officers with Rs 2,000 note at Bank Square in Sector 17, Chandigarh, Sunday. Sahil Walia

THE STRUGGLE to deposit old currency notes and get new ones continued even on Sunday with people queuing up at banks and ATMs. Since Monday is a holiday, a huge rush was seen at the banks, but not everyone was able to get the requisite cash.

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Ishita, who stood in a queue for than 45 minutes outside ICICI Bank in Sector 36, said, “Due to the long queue outside the bank, I thought of coming back after 20 minutes for withdrawal of money, but to my surprise, the bank had run out of cash. With tomorrow being a holiday, I will have to wait another day to get the money.”

Similarly, the branch of Punjab and National Bank in Sector 33 ran out of cash at 3.30 pm. People who had queued up had to return disappointed. Harpreet, who had come to the bank to withdraw money, said, “I had been busy this morning as I had to attend an important function. Now when I got time, the bank has run out of money. The ATMs in the locality are without money. The government should not only take decisions but also need to execute them with proper planning. Such a disorder is uncalled for.”

A disappointed Davinder Singh Bhatia said that despite being a good taxpayer, he had to stand in long queues and face inconvenience. Bhatia showed that he had even got a certificate of appreciation from the Central Board of Direct Taxes.

“After standing in long queues, when your turn comes, the bank authorities say that the cash is finished. This is so disappointing that you are facing such inconvenience even when you are a good and responsible taxpayer,” said Bhatia.

An official in Vijaya Bank in Sector 34, which ran out of cash around 2.30 pm, said, “Around Rs 1crore has been given to the people. The cash drawers are empty now.”

The situation was such that the ATMs loaded in the morning ran out of cash within a few hours. The elderly especially faced a hard time waiting in long queues. A women in her 60s waiting on the stairs of HDFC bank situated in Sector 43 said, “I accompanied my granddaughter to the bank. I stood in the queue for half an hour, as there was a huge rush of people. There was some glitch due to which transactions at the bank stopped for some time. As I was no longer able to stand in the queue due to a problem in my knees, I told her to stand. The surprise element of the demonetisation policy was good but it seems the government was unable to foresee the chaos and mismanagement the decision has caused. It is the common people who are facing problems.”

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