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Creative Corners

Creative Corners

The last bell,signalling the end of the day’s classes,does not always lead to the end of the college day for many students at the University Institute of Engineering and Technology.

From cutting their own music album to designing a robot,students are doing their own thing at the newfound culture spots on PU campus

The last bell,signalling the end of the day’s classes,does not always lead to the end of the college day for many students at the University Institute of Engineering and Technology. The classrooms might get empty,but in an otherwise quiet corner on the first floor of the canteen,the students are busy with their laptops. Known as the ‘Techy’s Kingdom’,the spot inspired Hardik Anand and his group of five to script “Season 2” of their video game,Demagogue — The Chosen One. “Quiet and calm,the place forever motivates the creative minds. After the first edition of Demagogue,we had literally gone into a slumber and this place has provided the much-needed wake-up call,” Anand says,as he takes us on a tour of his favourite creative spot on the campus that has evolved over a period of one year.

On closely observing the place and its surroundings,you know why it inspires creativity. From here,one can get a bird’s eye view of the campus — cars zooming in and out,students engaging in conversations and fights,teachers walking in with bundles of books in their hands,sports enthusiasts on to the games. “And it’s this very view that inspires us and gives the plot and characters for the game,” says Anand.

It’s just not this institute,but it seems that every college in Chandigarh has formed it’s own little area where like-minded people bond and share creative talent. So,while some students are found conceiving a music album,others are writing novels and finding like-minded people to create artworks.


For those who aren’t clued in to the latest hotspots in their college,a good place to start,perhaps,is the Panjab University Student Centre. “The place offers a wide audience,” say Anshul Bhatia and Rohit Joshi of Chitkara College,as they hum a song,surrounded by a group of students. A place they fondly call ‘Tune In’,it’s here that they are forever creating new music and penning lyrics. Under the group name,Swastik,they have composed around 10 songs till now,and uploaded a few on ReverbNation.

“The spot was discovered by one of our seniors and since then,it has been the muse to many budding musicians,” says Bhatia.

At SD College,a spot located near the ground opposite the auditorium that has been christened as ‘Writers Den’,and is where the wannabe writers head for. This is where Anuja Jaiswal is giving finishing touches to her book of poems,Silent Talks.

Also popular at SD College is the ‘UMT music spot’,an inconspicuous spot under a tree near the canteen,where a bunch of students is always found with their guitar. “The music joint gives us a place for creative outlet,a platform to create music and to refuel ourselves after a tiring day,” says Japneet Kathuria,a final-year student of the college.

So what happened to the ever-popular canteen as a meeting point? “Canteens are too noisy and the music rooms and computer labs are too boring,” reasons Alkesh Sharma of Panjab University’s Department of Law. Along with his friends,he practices photography behind the parking lot of the Student Centre. Better-known as ‘Shoot At Site’,this part of the university does not have too many walk-ins and tresspassers. “This is the discovery of one of our group members last year,as he was looking for a place where he could practice techniques without being conscious or interrupted,” says Sharma.

Elsewhere at the Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology,students often flock to ‘Pathshala’,a corridor in the main building visible from both the floors,to catch a play. The place often has members of Dram-e-bazz,the college’s street theatre group. “We never have to invite viewers or participants here. Everyone knows this place is always abuzz,” says Mitin Paul,a member of Dram-e-bazz,which has won many awards,including the theatre fests at IIT-Rourkee and Thapar University,and is now preparing for their next play,Court Marshal ,to be staged at IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Delhi this month.

All such corners have been fashioned for and by the students. “It’s about finding your own little den and inviting in the right kind of people,” says Parul Sukheja,a BA second-year student from the Government College for Girls,Sector 11,as she vanishes into back lawns to meet up with her dance troupe.