Cop shoots wife at hospital, turns pistol on himself

Anand, who is a personal security officer of a high court judge, was in uniform and used his service weapon in the crime.

By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: July 28, 2014 4:12:33 am
Patients wait outside the emergency block after the shooting at GMSH-16 on Friday. Patients wait outside the emergency block after the shooting at GMSH-16 on Friday.

In a sensational crime, a constable of the Chandigarh Police shot his wife and then turned the pistol on himself after a heated argument at the Sector 16 Government Multi-Speciality Hospital on Friday morning.

Dimple, 34, who worked as a helper at the hospital, got four bullets and died on the spot. Anand Kumar, 41, who got a bullet in the upper chest, was undergoing treatment at the hospital.

One of the bullets hit a passer-by, Savitri, who had come to the hospital for her son’s treatment. She was injured in the arm and was out of danger.

Anand, who is a personal security officer of a high court judge, was in uniform and used his service weapon in the crime.

The incident was a result of strained marital life. Dimple had left her husband’s place at Maloya after a dispute and had been staying with her parents in Sector 24 for the last  two months.

Lying in his hospital bed, Anand showed no remorse. “I killed her because I was tired of Dimple’s excessive involvement with her family members. So many times, I had told her not to visit her parents but she never listened to me. Her family members had created problems in my married life,” he told Newsline.

He added, “I tried to shoot myself too, because I was sick of my wife’s family members. They took away my child from me.”

Doctors said there was a bullet injury on the left lateral side of his chest, the bullet was removed and he was all right.

In the morning, Anand came to the hospital to talk to his wife. The couple stood talking between the new OPD and the emergency block.

Satnam Singh, a student who witnessed the incident, recalled, “There was an argument between the couple. Suddenly, the man took out a pistol and fired many shots at the woman. The woman collapsed instantly and blood was everywhere. The man then turned the pistol on himself and fired two shots. One bullet went through his shoulder and the other injured a passer-by on her shoulder. The
man then threw the pistol on the side and sat at the nearby bench and eventually collapsed.’’

The police were called and, meanwhile, the hospital staff rushed the injured inside the emergency. Dimple, who got two bullets in the chest and two in the abdomen, died when the doctors were administering first aid while Anand  was stabilised.

Senior Superintendent of Police Sukhchain Singh Gill rushed to the spot along with Deputy Superintendent of Police Ashish Kapoor. A team from the Central Forensic Science Laboratory arrived too.

Like Dimple, her mother Kailasho and younger sister Anshu also work at GMSH-16.

The police registered a case of murder, attempt to murder and added provisions of the Arms Act against Kumar on the complaint of constable Malwinder Singh posted at the GMSH-16 police post.


10-yr-old daughter unaware of tragedy, worries about clothes recently purchased

Glued to the television, watching her favourite show, 10-year-old Kashish, Anand and Dimple’s daughter, was unaware of the tragedy that had struck the family in the morning.

In the adjoining room, relatives and close associates of Dimple and her parents were assembling to pay their condolences to the family.

Her twin bother Kavya was not there. He stayed with Anand’s parents at Maloya. The siblings have been living separately since Dimple left her husband’s house after an argument about two months ago and had been staying with her parents in Sector 24.

Kashish looked at her clothes and exclaimed that her mother had bought clothes which were a size too big for her. She said she would complain when her mother returned from work.

“The couple had a troubled marriage from the beginning. Dimple used to stay at her parental place often as her husband used to beat her almost daily. Recently, during one of their arguments, Anand hit Dimple in the head and she suffered some memory loss. She was getting treatment at PGI and had asked for leave from her hospital,” said Tanuja, a neighbour of Dimple’s parents.

“We wouldn’t let Anand’s family take a step inside our house; the family that killed Dimple has no right to claim our children. We will get Kavya also back from his grandparents’ house. We are ready to fight a legal battle,” said Dimple’s cousin Jagbir.


Latest complaint to SSP: My husband beat me, threatened me

As recently as last Monday, Dimple had made a complaint to the Chandigarh SSP — the latest of several — alleging that her husband Anand Kumar regularly beat and threatened her, but the police took no action.

“So many times we requested the police to register a case against Anand Kumar and take some action. We went to the Police Station in Sector 11, Police Post in Sector 24 and Crime Against Women Wing, Sector 17. However, from everywhere, we were sent back. They said it was our domestic affair and they could not do anything,” said Santosh, Dimple’s sister.

She said that although Dimple was being tortured for long, she first lodged a police complaint in May 2013, giving details of her nightmarish life.

In her complaint to the Sector 24 Police Post, Dimple said, “My husband tortures and beats me regularly. After I returned from the night duty, he held me from my hair and banged my head against the floor several times. He also attempted to attack my father and was stopped by my family members.”

Dimple last sent a complaint to the SSP on July 21, only four days before Anand shot her at the hospital where she worked.
SSP Sukhchain Singh Gill said, “The complaint which was given earlier was disposed of on June 14. The complaint which was given on the public window on July 21 was marked to Crime Against Women wing and the officials there had called Anand and Dimple on July 26 for a hearing.”

The SSP said that there were a lot of such complaints which ended with compromise.

In her complaint, Dimple said, “Soon after our marriage (in 2004), my husband started harassing me over petty domestic issues.
My in-laws were not happy with the dowry they received and my husband forced me to bring money from my parents.”

To please him, she bought a Maruti Zen car after taking out some money from her provident fund account.

“However, my husband was still not content and asked for more money, upon which I left the home with my daughter on June 1,” the complaint said.

According to the complaint, Dimple’s husband used to beat her over petty matters. She said that the government accommodation where her husband lived had actually been allotted to her and when she asked him to leave, he put a revolver on her head and threatened to shoot her.

“He accused me of dire consequences, if I reported the matter to the police,” the complaint added.

An advocate at the Punjab and Haryana High Court said, “Before the vacation, Anand had discussed his domestic issues with me and said that his wife had accused him of demanding dowry.”

Anand had married Dimple after a romantic relationship of about five years. However, Dimple’s family did not approve of their marriage and so they stopped talking to her. But after Dimple gave birth to her twins, she started visiting her parents, said the advocate.

The advocate added, “Anand said his in-laws started to interfere with his married life and then the problems started.”

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