Consultants will be hired for poultry processing plant in city

Consultants will be hired for poultry processing plant in city

The decision was approved in the meeting of the General House on Tuesday.

The Municipal Corporation will be engaging the National Meat and Poultry Processing Board (NMPPB) as a consultant for setting up an Automatic Poultry Processing Plant. The decision was approved in the meeting of the General House on Tuesday.

A committee had been constituted after the councillors had expressed apprehension over hiring of the consultant. The committee submitted its report that was presented in the House and the recommendations were accepted.

The consultants will prepare a preliminary project report regarding different options for machinery and the equipment required. NMPPB will also prepare tender documents such as DNITs,architectural drawing,structural design as well as arranging approval of designs.

The consultants will be charging Rs 34.75 lakh for 15 visits. Thereafter,for every visit,Rs 35,000 will be charged. The processing plant once set up is aimed at providing hygienic meat to the city residents.

Sewerage Treatment Plant at Maloya


Amidst dissent by BJP,it was decided that the plant would be set up on SBR technology. The agenda had earlier been proposed last year. After councillors raised objection to this a committee was constituted to analyse the technologies present. Almost 10 months after the committee was constituted plant of one technology was seen. The chairman of the committee resigned recently and the committee was dissolved. BJP councillors objected that the plant of another technology should also be seen. The members of the House opined that since so many months have passed with the committee not having taken a decision,the agenda should be passed.

Areas not in purview of MC

Councillors Davesh Moudgil and Saurabh Joshi raised the issue of housing societies and residential areas of PGI where the Municipal Corporation cannot undertake any development work. Moudgil says that for the past one year he has been raising the issue that maintenance within the housing societies should be taken over by the MC. He said that while the societies have developed the parks and roads on their own,the maintenance should now be taken over. At present this is not allowed and work within the society has to be undertaken by the management of the societies.

Raising the issue for internal work at PGI and Panjab University,Joshi said that while people in the residential areas of the institute cast their vote in the municipal elections,the civic body cannot undertake any development here.

Criticism of Chief Architect

Councillors across party lines criticised the functioning of the Chief Architect. Councillor Pardeep Chhabra said that a resolution be mooted that no further extensions be given to the Chief Architect. He alleged that she follows a policy of discrimination and allows work in one ward and rejects the same in another. In the past as well,the councillors have been criticising the functioning of the Chief Architect.