CN & heard: Election time

CN & heard: Election time

The recent comments by a councillor,terming a nominated councillors as being “sold” to the Congress,created much controversy with BJP-SAD supporting the allegations.

Election time

The recent comments by a councillor,terming a nominated councillors as being “sold” to the Congress,created much controversy with BJP-SAD supporting the allegations. Meanwhile,with the elections of the mayor round the corner,Mayor Subhash Chawla lavished praises on the nominated councillors. Thanking UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil for nominating such comxpetent councillors,Chawla said he always received their support for all development work.


The author of American Veda,Phillip Goldberg visted Panjab University (PU) to deliver a lecture recently. While reading out his biodata,one of the professors introduced the author as a renowned professor. That he is bereft of any educational qualification,a modest Goldeberg responded,“I have no high academic qualification. I am not even a PhD,but I profess lessons learnt in Veda,so yes,I am a professor”.


During his recent visit to PU,the Governor of Meghalaya and former Delhi Police Commissioner Dr K K Paul stirred nostalgia in the air as he reminisced about his days in the varsity. When asked about what his fondest PU memory was,the former alumnus said “working in the chemistry laboratory in the afternoon,standing close to the exhaust fan to cool ourselves,and the smell of the chemicals. Chemistry gives you patience to handle everything with a cool head.” Well,being a Police Commissioner of Delhi does require a cool head!



The fast-unto-death by a man in Mohali to demand release of some prisoners has apparently brought together all kinds of radical groups trying to garner maximum mileage from the situation. While the actual demand of Gurbaksh is that Punjab should request the governor for remitting the life terms of the prisoners,most of his “sympathisers” are blaming the state government for falsely implicating and illegally detaining “innocent” inmates who have spend over 14 years behind bars.

No parking

Bus queue shelters in Panchkula serve commuters less and rag-pickers more. Not only do they sleep under the shelters during the nights,their belongings often find place on the benches and remain there. Seldom does one find space to stand,leave alone finding a place to sit.

Don’t just preach

While the House Welfare Owner Association of Sector 17,Panchkula,staged a protest outside the HUDA office demanding better upkeep of their sector,one of their demands was removal of garbage from the roads and vacant plots. However,they were themselves seen littering around where they sat on dharna. They dumped the disposable glasses used for drinking water on the road outside the HUDA office. Maybe they need to practice what they preach and they could be taken more seriously by the authorities concerned.

No remorse

While the judge announced life sentence for Sarita and Basant in the Sucha Singh murder case in a packed courtroom,one thing which was apparently absent was any sense of remorse on the face of both Sarita and Basant. More than the brutality of the crime they committed,it was complete absence of repentance that became the point of discussion among those present in the court. Though the duo pleaded mercy,the sternness in their voice belied their claims.


Disappointment amongst delegates prevailed at a recently held conference on sustainable development. While the delegates were seen enjoying and focusing more on ‘high tea’ and networking than presenting papers,the visitors were reduced to a disillusioned lot,questioning the entire propose of such a conference. Irked,one of the organisers of the conference was heard saying that the purpose behind the conference is ensuring the publicity for the institutions involved and facilitating some meaningful deliberation on significant issues such as viability of development models and sustainability,which the conference was meant and claimed to do.

Hoax call

What will be your first reaction if you are told that the person standing next to you has a bomb? This is what was claimed by an old man who was frisked by a security guard outside the tertiary care institute of PGI. On frisking the bag of an old man,the metal detector started producing alert sounds. When confronted,the old man casually responded that there is a ‘bomb’ inside the bag. Scared,the guard checked the bag to only find a small cracker.


Acknowledging the fact that winter is gradually setting in,the UT Education Department has changed the school timings well in advance. But it seems that there is no consideration on the supply of the winter uniforms till now,as with changed timings,government school children continue to face the chilly mornings in their old worn-out jerseys.