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Despite several news reports slamming the non-functional pre-paid taxi counter at the Chandigarh railway station,nothing has changed.

Published: October 21, 2013 2:15:37 am


Punjab Governor and UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil,while addressing a gathering at the foundation stone-laying of the multilevel parking lot in Sector 17,quipped that officers of the Administration argue a lot with him over issues. “Even though I have left practicising law,there is more argument during the meetings with officials than in a courtroom,” he said,much to the amusement of those present.

Dedicated visitors

Though all the academic blocks of Panjab University were deserted due to the long stretch of holidays last week,the hustle and bustle of the Student Centre refused to die down,with students visiting the place even on holidays. As the area remained crowded as ever,it felt as if students can afford to bunk their classes,but skipping a visit to the Student Centre is out of question!

Blind faith

A senior BJP leader in Mohali,in all seriousness,can often be found explaining to people how the hurricanes in America are being stopped due to the efforts of a ‘Swami’ in India. The leader is overly generous when it comes to showering praises at the ‘Swami’ he believes in.

The good and the bad

Two extreme examples were witnessed last week. In one case,apathy was apparent while another brought to fore the humanitarian approach of the cops. In the first instance,an employee of the Chandigarh district court,who had lost his cycle,approached the police,only to be snubbed by the cops who told him that it is not such a big case that a case be registered. On the contrary,cops were seen helping an old man,who had fainted,in Sector 17. A PCR van which was passing through stopped by and took him to a hospital.


When it comes to remaining unaffected to any kind of criticism,the city’s Railways officials can put anyone to shame. Despite several news reports slamming the non-functional pre-paid taxi counter at the Chandigarh railway station,nothing has changed. The notice board announcing the ‘24 hours pre-paid taxi booth’ stares mockingly,straight in the face at tourists. Non-functionality of the pre-paid counter has left the passengers,especially tourists,vulnerable to touts and auto drivers demanding unreasonable fare.


Giving a tough time to women who had come for a breast-cancer screening camp,the authorities of General Hospital,Sector 6,Panchkula,made them wander all around the hospital complex in search of the camp. With the exact location of the camp not mentioned on the few banners put up in the hospital and no signs for directions to the camp,the hospital authorities ensured that reaching the camp was nothing less than traversing through a maze.

Enforcing discipline

With thousands of youngsters turning up at recruitment drives of Indian Army,it becomes difficult for the Army to handle the crowd. Last week,at a recruitment drive held in Chandigarh,thousands turned up from adjoining regions. The crowd was so huge that it became devilishly difficult for Army jawans to handle. At last,they were forced to use lathis to make participants stand in queue.

‘I am the best’

With Lok Sabha elections drawing near,Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda seems to have decided that he wouldn’t leave any public gathering or a conference where he will not propagate about his “number-1 state”. At a national conference recently held at PHD Chambers,on the role of ‘private sector educational institutions’,Hooda,in his address speech of one hour,spoke only about Haryana for 45 minutes. Instead of speaking on the topic,he preferred to inform his audience about the growth of agriculture,industries,increase in per capita income,per capita investment,number of manufacturing companies,hospitals,recreational centres in Haryana,the number of medals Haryana has got in Olympics and also the metro and rail projects that are under process.

Under observation

In order to prevent “misuse” of landline telephones,one of the police stations in the city has come up with an innovative technique. To avoid police personnel from making unnecessary calls,the keypad of one of the landline phone has been kept in a wooden case with a special keypad lock. Each time one has to make a phone call,the caller is required to unlock in order to dial a number.


As if it keeps happening in routine,a lawyer,when asked about the upcoming appearance of more than 2,700 people for a single case on a single day at a Kharar court,the counsel dismissed it as a “routine procedure”. One wonders as to how the court staff will accommodate a mela of over 2,700 witnesses. Let alone recording their statements,even recording their presence would be an uphill task.

Law enforcers or offenders?

With enforcement of traffic rules in Panchkula being a rarity,the policemen themselves appear to be inspiring traffic offenders here. Personnel from Panchkula Police are often seen triple-riding on bikes,be it in the market areas or the court complex.

Ignorance is bliss

They say ignorance is bliss. But the Public Relation Officer,Defence Services,Chandigarh seems to have taken the saying a little too seriously. As an official tasked with providing information about the department,the official is expected not only to be abreast with the latest developments but also well versed with all the issues concerning his department. However,the official has chosen to remain blissfully ignorant about the same.

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