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This one actually lives up to the Aaya Ram,Gaya Ram reputation of Haryana’s politicians.

Aaya Ram,Gaya Ram…Aaya Ram
This one actually lives up to the Aaya Ram,Gaya Ram reputation of Haryana’s politicians. Jaswant Singh Bawal,who recently joined the Congress,has had experience with almost every political party in the state. Starting as a Congress worker,he joined the Haryana Vikas Party of Bansi Lal. From here,he took a flight to the Indian National Lok Dal. He didn’t stay for long there either and made a shift to the Haryana Janhit Congress and now he has come back to the Congress. While his supporters (are there any?) are describing it as his homecoming,his detractors (an abundant tribe) point that he had to come back to the Congress as there was no place left to go. It would be interesting to see if his peripatetic political career takes the entire circle again.

God Mayor
The newly-elected Mayor Kamlesh is a deeply religious woman and makes no bones about the exhibition of her faith. For instance,she never lets the sun down upon her. This was evident when she made sure that while filing her nomination papers,she stood facing the sun. Similarly,on the day of entering the Corporation office,she made it a point to carry a coconut. Those who pass her office,say it is not unusual to find sounds of bhajans coming from her office.

Religious leader
Seems like Karl Marx got it all wrong when he described religion as the opium of the masses because in Chandigarh,it is not the masses but classes who seem to be under the spell of religion. So it is not only the Chandigarh Mayor who makes her faith so conspicuous. Punjab minister Laxmi Kanta Chawla is also pretty forthright with her religious predispositions. Nothing wrong in that but the problem is that she expects others to share her enthusiasm too. For example,those who know her,start squirming in discomfort if they happen to be present at a public function where she is asked to speak. Her speech is often a verbal marathon (understatement). Replete with references to the Arya Samaj teachings,it has a soporific influence on people. This time,however,she carried her enthusiasm a bit too far. At a function to felicitate the Health Secretary on his retirement,the grand old lady of Punjab politics gifted him a Bhagwadgita. A noble gift indeed,but surely you don’t need to give a sacred book extolling the virtues of work and duty (motif of Gita) to a man who has retired after more than 30 years of duty-bound work.

Car(rying) on
But there was one man who believed and relished the fruits of materialism. Kamlesh,the new mayor,would get a sleek Toyota Corolla as her official vehicle. For this,she has to thank her predecessor,Pradeep Chhabra,who ran from pillar to post,left no stone unturned,fought every battle to get a


Toyota vehicle approved for the occupant of the Mayor’s office. We don’t yet know whether his successor is thrilled with this vehicle,but if she is happy,then considering her proclivity to script and sing bhajans,it won’t be much of a demand to compose a paean for Chhabra.

A corollary to the adage,great people think alike,could be that great people sound alike. So after The Indian Express team convincingly won this year’s inter-media cricket tournament,cricket buffs,especially those who view the game from the sidelines (distance brings perspective after all),were quick to point the similarities between the champion team and the Indian team,which is the premier team in world cricket these days. The names of captain and vice-captain Virender (Bhatia) Sehwag and Kamleshwar Singh (Dhoni) have a familiar ring to them. Don’t they? Homonymical appeals apart,there were more sobriquets as well. For example,a certain Raghav Ohri was being referred to as Mr 911 Cricket,for playing the man of crisis in every situation (Michael Hussey has competition). The international cricket world is unanimous that the biggest cricketing discovery this year was a mysterious young spinner from Sri Lanka. The media tournament also witnessed a young spinner,who ran circles around batsmen and took wickets by buckets. What is he called? Aarish Mendis? yeah,yeah… something to that effect only.

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