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What is in a name after all? Rhetorical question by William Shakespeare apart,similarity of names caused a big confusion in the tricity recently.

There’s a lot in a name after all
What is in a name after all? Rhetorical question by William Shakespeare apart,similarity of names caused a big confusion in the tricity recently. When Pawan Valecha,owner of KC Palace and KC Hotel,both in Panchkula,was accused of rape by his maid,a lot of people got an impression that it was Ashok Kumar,owner of KC Theatre,Chandigarh,who was involved in this controversy. As people called Mr Kumar to express their shock and commiseration,he himself had a hard time calling up newspaper offices to clarify. Fortunately,the maid who alleged rape has now retracted from her statement. So,all names stand untarnished now.

Pak observation
The members of a goodwill delegation from Pakistan which recently visited India were suitably impressed with the planning and architecture of Chandigarh. But there was something else,too,which caught their attention. They were astonished to see the depiction of Indian women in the soap operas aired on numerous private channels. “They wear so much gold; even when they are sleeping,” quipped a member. The perspicacity of visitors can surely be commended. With some justification,a lot of critics have said Slumdog Millionaire glorified Indian poverty,terming it “poverty porn”. But it is high time the other extreme,like the super-rich unrealistic families shown in our serials also be condemned.

A poet’s pain
“Zakhm ek nahin,do nahin,Zakhm to hain har jagah,ab to haal yeh hai ki dard bhi pareshan hai ki uthoon to uthoon kahan se,” is how Advocate R K Gupta described his “insult” by Justice Uma Nath Singh during the General House meeting on Thursday. The circumstantial poet said the every single member of the Bar had been insulted by the judge when he insulted him.

Shifting loyalty
With the Advisor winning the latest bout in the never-ending duel with the UT Administrator,the loyalties of supporters have also shifted. Officers considered close to the administrator have been squirming in discomfort ever since the powers to write ACRs have been vested again with the Advisor. Knowing that their report cards and appraisal are in the hand of the rival camp,the Administrator’s loyalists wasted no time in congratulating the Advisor on his recent ‘victory’.

Colour me pink
Looks like that effects of slowdown are everywhere. The gloom was all over the recent Jhankaar,the festival organised by students at Panjab University. The audience and participants were sparse. During classical dance competitions,only two teams participated. Another competition,called ‘paint your face’ had to be cancelled because of no participants. This was perhaps understandable. The losses in job market has left everyone face’s beaten black and blue. There isn’t scope for addition of any more colours. Maybe the title ‘Colour me pink’ would have been more appropriate,considering that everyone is getting a pink slip.