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Clean Cut Comic

Funny man Rajneesh Kapoor seeks to make people laugh without resorting to ‘vulgarity’

Rajneesh is a Sanskrit word which means ‘king of the night’,so technically the moon,” said comic Rajneesh Kapoor before his stand-up set at the High Spirits on Wednesday night began. And this moon’s USP is its “spotlessness”; Kapoor abhores vulgarity while performing. Kapoor is one of the biggest names in Delhi’s comic circuit. He has been in the stand-up scene for four years now,competing with other comics,many of whom have adopted the tried and tested method of delivering jokes laden with sexual and racial innuendos.

“This age is marked by a lot of sub-standard humour,” says Kapoor,adding,“which goes down the simple-minded audience’s throats well.” Kapoor is disturbed by the audience who is conditioned to be in splits just by the mention of sexuality or by a joke based on the Sikh community,or any community for that matter.

“These jokes aren’t inherently funny. There is no humour angle to them,” says Kapoor. It is not sexuality that he finds “vulgar” but crassness that comics often associate with it. “I believe one should build a joke around any topic he/she picks. If the mention of the topic itself makes the audience laugh,there is something wrong either with the audience or you,” said Kapoor.

Most of his jokes are youth-centric. These jokes cover topics such as social networking and the Internet. “Social networking is making the youth dumb,” he says. Kapoor has several jokes in his repertoire that highlight the young social network users’ nonsensical commenting trend on Facebook and YouTube. Others are based on sitcoms. His subjects reiterate his endeavour to connect with the audience,leaving out vulgarity,which he says is an “instant hit with the youth”. On being asked what he considers vulgar,Kapoor said,“Any material which is not fit for television.”

Despite his ideas on the morality of humour,Kapoor believes that a comic should not take himself/herself too seriously. “When a comic assumes the role of a preacher or philosopher-thinker,he/she gets boring and it is a downslide thereon,” says Kapoor,adding,“A simple thing like a slip and a fall could be funny too.”