Chaudhary could have bought God too, says Buti Ram

Chaudhary could have bought God too, says Buti Ram

Jyoti murder case : Victim’s father says MLA, associates had tried to buy him as well; vows to ‘fight till I get justice’

Buti Ram
Buti Ram

If he (Ram Kumar Chaudhary) wanted, he could have bought God too,” said Buti Ram, father of Jyoti, alleging that the Himachal Pradesh MLA had influenced investigation using money power, which led to his acquittal in the murder case last week.

Jyoti was found murdered in Sector 21 of Panchkula on November 22, 2012. Chaudhary and 11 others were booked in the case. All of them were acquitted by a local court, which held that the prosecution could not prove the charges.

Talking to Chandigarh Newsline on Sunday, Buti Ram said Chaudhary and his associates had tried to buy him as well, and when this did not work, they threatened him.

“They offered me Rs 1 crore, gold and several acres of agricultural land just to keep my mouth shut. But I refused. Main paise ka kya karta? Wo chahte to rabb ko bhi khareed lete (What would have I done with the money? If they wanted, they could have bought God as well),’’ said Buti Ram.


The prosecution and the police have blamed key witnesses who turned hostile, including Buti Ram, who refused to recognise Chaudhary in the wedding picture of his other daughter Ishu. Besides, he also retracted from his allegations.

“They had threatened to kill me. Main kya karta? Apni jaan to sab ko pyaari hoti hai!” Buti Ram said, explaining why he turned hostile.

“Their men had stopped the car in which I was going and threatened me with dire consequences. I was afraid. But when the prosecution lawyers insisted, I told the truth in the court and never looked back. I submitted evidence in the form of an audio recording that they (accused) tried to offer me money,” Buti Ram said.

Commenting on the investigation, Buti Ram said, “It was all about political power and money. But I will go to the high court, and fight till I get justice.”

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