Chandigarh: It’s raining pavers on internal roads

Chandigarh: It’s raining pavers on internal roads

Though Chandigarh MC chief engineer claims they stopped installing pavers on internal sector roads (V6) last Oct, pavers are being laid along these roads even as you read this. Grants for pavers continue to be passed.

Chandigarh: It’s raining pavers on internal roads
AWork of laying paver blocks in progress in Sector 8-C, Chandigarh, on Wednesday. (Express photo: Jasbir Malhi)

OFFICIALS OF Chandigarh Municipal Corporation are far removed from reality when it comes to paver blocks and tiles. While Chief Engineer Manoj Bansal claims they stopped installing pavers along V6 roads (internal sector roads) after receiving a directive to this effect from the chief architect’s office on October 30, 2018, the ground reality is different. Chandigarh Newsline found that not only was paver installation in full swing along many V6 roads, the MC carried on passing various agendas pertaining to pavers and PCC tiles on these roads. And the last such agenda was passed only a few days ago.

Newsline took a round of Sector 21 on Wednesday and found MC workers uprooting the existing pavers and tiles along the V6 roads and replacing them with new ones. Residents complained that at some places, the pavers were installed barely two months ago and were in good condition.

Visible corruption
Baljinder Bittu, chairman of the Federation of Sectors Welfare Associations of Chandigarh, who is also a resident of Sector 21, said, “I don’t understand why the top brass can’t see this blatant corruption, which is so visible. Why are they keeping silent? They are just making money by dismantling perfectly good tiles and then installing them again. They won’t let Chandigarh remain green merely for their vested interests.”

Newsline found PCC tiles and pavers being laid along V6 roads in Sector 8-C as well. Paver installation work along V6 roads in sectors 15 A and B was completed only on Tuesday. BJP member and former councillor Saurabh Joshi rubbished the claims that no work on V6 roads had been done after November. “The work of dismantling the existing tiles and installing them again concluded only yesterday. I have been told that estimates for similar work have been prepared for Sectors 15 C and D as well,” he said.


The chief architect’s letter dated October 30 clearly states, “As per Chandigarh master plan 2031, construction of footpaths is not recommended along internal V6 roads due to less volume of traffic and to avoid excessive hard surfaces in the city to maintain the green character of neighbourhoods.”

He stated, “It is also pertinent to mention that MC has already placed paver blocks along most of the V6 roads, which are used for parking of vehicles and have actually blocked the pedestrian movement. This is a very serious concern, it should be given due attention to save the existing tree cover of the city.”