Cattle menace — problem and solution

Stray cattle roaming around freely in the cities have become a serious menace.

Chandigarh | Published: September 2, 2013 3:50:08 am

Cattle menace — problem and solution

Stray cattle roaming around freely in the cities have become a serious menace. Several lives have already been lost and many have been injured due to accidents involving stray cattle. The root cause of the problem is the unplanned dairies,inside and around the city. The owners,after milking the cattle,leave them loose so that they can graze outside. Non-milking cattle is also left loose to save on their feed. The problems of impounding these cattle are many. First,the paucity of trained man power with the MC to catch and load them in a truck. Secondly,lack of gaushalas with adequate space. Third,the tendency of the neighbouring towns/cities to catch their stray cattle and leave them outside near the next city. That is like sweeping your own house clean,and leaving the garbage in front of the next house. Fourth,feeding these cattle once caught,and fifth,the owner gets the cattle released with pulls and pressures. And last but not the least,lack of cooperation from the public. The solution lies in relocating the dairies,centrally,outside the city. Let no one be allowed to keep cattle outside his house,and sell milk. It creates such a muck in the area,and is a nuisance to the people. The authorities have to create infrastructure for these dairies so that the owners can operate them. Thereafter,creating huge gaushalas ,at appropriate locations,which can house thousands of such cattle. Once impounded,these should be released only with a fine of minimum Rs 5,000 per animal. The money,thus,raised can be used to maintain the cattle pounds and also pay for the cattle catchers. There should also be regular auctions of these cattle so that it fetches revenue,as also eases pressure on the pounds. The MC should take it as a project,under a councillor,and implement with due sincerity. The cooperation from the people in rounding up the stray cattle will be most welcome.

Colonel R D Singh ( retd),AMBALA CANTT

Curb stray cattle menace

The residents of the Tricity are grappling with the problem of stray cattle. It is only after so many deaths that the municipal corporation (MC) has swung into action. Free roaming or wandering stray cattle come from unauthorised or unlicensed roadside dairies and cattle sheds. These cattle nap on busy roads,block traffic and cause traffic jams and accidents. This menace is never taken seriously. The corporation leaders are reluctant to rein in the strays and the cattle catchers are scared and disinterested in their work. The license of a dairy or cattle shed should be cancelled in case the cattle belonging to it strays out of its premises. The water and power supply to illegal dairies must be disconnected. Also,the stray cattle owners who let their cattle roam the city streets freely must be fined suitably. The MC should wake up to the citizens’ welfare and employ strong cattle catching squad to catch the stray cattle which cause nuisance and also pose threat to human life. Cowsheds,cattle sheds must be constructed within suitable areas to keep the stray cattle and sufficient staff should be employed to take care of these cattle.

Dr Shruti K Chawla,CHANDIGARH

Empower student councils

There is no denying the fact that there is urgent need for empowerment of students’ councils,not only in Panjab University(PU),but across every university and college of the country,so that these can truly live up to their expectations. Indeed,if they are to be just symbolic in nature,there is virtually no rationale for their elections merely for the sake of demonstrating students’ democracy. Already,unanimity still eludes across the country over the need of having such elected student’s bodies particularly in neighboring twin states of Punjab and Haryana where such elections have been not been held since years. Unfortunately,the J M Lyngdoh Committee,although elaborately dealt with all facets concerning student’s union elections,but owing to limited terms of reference,it did not deal with conferment of adequate powers to such bodies in the post-election scenario. One wonders how can such bodies project & protect the interests of students and allied issues in letter and spirit sans sufficient powers? Although,as a first,PU can take the lead by conferring certain powers on experimental basis by suitably amending the university calendar or statutes,It would be much wise if serious debate is initiated under the aegis of UGC by involving all stake-holders in this regard so that real fruits of student democratisation can be reaped. Having advocated that,I would also like to strongly endorse the reported stand that Lyngdoh voiced recently,that in a vast campus like PU,coupled with its local affiliated colleges,it would be imperative to replace the present system of direct election of office-bearers with that of indirect mode. In fact,the same would inculcate elements of much more student’s representation thus consequently strengthening democracy in the system where right from every Department/Class in the University/College,a representative would be chosen and which would all together make up a electoral college who would finally choose the apex office-bearers of PU student’s council.

If such mode is enforced here successfully,it would surely act as a role model for others to follow suit.

Hemant Kumar,AMBALA CITY

Campaigning a waste of time

Will anyone tell the status of these ‘working’ days in local colleges and university that seemingly are being wasted on equally wasteful election campaigning? Teaching days or holidays? What the teachers are expected to do during all these days as the sight of empty class rooms is a well-known norm,during this period,year after year?


Need qualified teachers

Though Environmental Studies is being taught as a compulsory subject in all Bachelor Courses of various universities in Haryana for long,yet the casual and non-pragmatic approach in teaching the subject has ensured its in-effectiveness vis-a-vis environmental protection target,that may have been in the minds of the policy makers. It is prudent to note here that the subject is taught in the colleges by the teachers who have neither been trained in the subject by virtue of their academic qualification,nor do they have any such orientation. Except for one or two teachers from the faculty of Biology,the rest are quite incapable of teaching the scientific aspects of the subject. Will the university authorities take note of this?

Jai Prakash Gupta (Dr),AMBALA CANTT

Justice for old pensioners

The Sixth Central Pay Commission made certain recommendations for revising the pension of Pre-2006 Central government pensioners which were accepted by the Cabinet in August 2008. The Ministry of Pension and Public Grievances,however,distorted the recommendations in their implementation orders with the result that pension was fixed at a much lower level. After a long legal battle thrust upon the old pensioners and the government having dragged them to the highest court,their appeal has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Pension has now to be re-fixed correctly from 1-1-2006 as per the directive of PB of CAT New Delhi. This important news of dismissal of SLP filed by the government in SC merits a wide circulation as it brings justice to old pensioners across the country. Any delay in revising the pension may deprive many of the aged pensioners in getting the same in their lifetime.


Release DA instalments

The Punjab government has not so far released the DA instalment due from January 2013 to its employees and pensioners though the next instalment has also become due from July. Such inordinate delay has never been seen earlier. The finance minister,when asked about the delay,is reported to have said,“Asi dauray nahin ja rahay”. True,the government is not going to run away. Nevertheless,it may not be forgotten that among the pensioners,there are a member of elderly persons above the age of 80 and 90 years,who require the amount of instalment urgently for their needs. What would be the use of the money due to them if it is sanctioned after they die and the amount is claimed by their kin?


Why the speed limit?

Recently speed limits in Chandiagrh have been revised and new speed is fixed at 5 KMPH less than the earlier one and now maximum speed for four wheelers is 60 KMPH and for Motor bikes it is only 45 KMPH. The main logic behind the reduction of speed was number of fatal accidents. Practically,these speed limits are illogical and not followed by most of the drivers. Speed limit is not the sole reason for fatal accidents. Chandigarh traffic police should conduct a survey of all important roads including V4 & V5 roads,to find out the average speed of the vehicles here. No vehicle runs at the specified maximum speed limits. As such,Chandigarh Administration should review its decision to reduce the speed limits.


CIBIL should be more vigilant

The Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) is concerned with the collection and maintaining the credit history of consumers by taking information from credit institutions. The information collected is collated into Credit Information report (CIR) and provided to CIBIL’s members and consumers at their request. However,there are many instances of gross exploitation of loan takers,who,despite their having fully paid back loan amounts to the credit institutions,like banks and other financial institutions,have been shown as defaulters in the CIR prepared by CIBIL. Reputed institutions and individuals which are at no fault,are defamed by being shown as defaulters and denied credit/loan facilities by other banks and financial institutions. The CIBIL expresses its inability to modify the wrong information supplied to it by certain banks and not updating in its database despite all documentary evidence supplied to it by the innocent clients to prove that they are not defaulters. The CIBIL must intervene and take cognizance of facts on record and not depend entirely on credit institutions supplying wrong information..


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