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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Brain stroke patients at higher risk of heart ailments: Study

Dial 333 if you are suffering from brain stroke in PGI.

Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 29, 2013 2:17:57 am

People who suffer from brain stroke have a high possibility of suffering from heart diseases,a PGI study says.

“About 50 brain-stroke patients asymptomatic for coronary diseases were screened with non-invasive Angiography. It was found that 70 per cent of them were suffering from coronary disease and nearly 35 per cent were significantly affected by heart ailments,” says Dr Bhawana Kumari,Senior Resident,at the PGI Neurology department. The information was shared by the doctors on World Stroke Day.

“It means that people who have suffered brain stroke in their life,should be more cautious as there are higher chances of them suffering from heart diseases,” she said

Brain stroke is a condition which results in dysfunction of the brain due to decreased blood supply or bleeding in the brain. Risk factors for stroke include ageing,diabetes,smoking,hypertension,obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

The main symptoms of a brain stroke is an uneven smile,weakness in one arm or leg,slurred speech,among others.

While talking about brain stroke incidents reported at PGI,Dr Dheeraj Khurana said,“In a year,we come across about 600 brain stroke patients,25 per cent of whom are young.”

“Out of these,10 per cent die,35 per cent recover

and 55 per cent become permanently disabled. The reason behind permanent disability and deaths is that the patients do not come on time,” he said.

“During a brain attack,time is of essence. With each passing minute,1.9 billion brain cells are permanently damaged. Hence,a patient must be brought to the hospital within first three hours of a stroke,” a neurologist said.

Suffering from brain stroke in PGI? Dial 333

Chandigarh: To mark the World Stroke Day,Director PGI launched a ‘333 Code Stroke’ system for the entire PGI campus,which is believed to provide timely emergency treatment to brain stroke patients. It is an Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX)-based system,in which all landline phones of PGI are connected with the system. A patient suffering from a brain stroke will dial 333 and the person will be asked to type the time of stroke. An SMS will be sent to alert the entire stroke team comprising of Neurologists,Neuroradiologists and specialist nurses. ENS

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