BJP leader writes to Rajnath about Patil’s ‘dictatorial attitude’

BJP leader writes to Rajnath about Patil’s ‘dictatorial attitude’

Tandon has also sought that the Home Secretary visit the city to take stock of the situation.

The tussle between the BJP’s local unit and Administrator Shivraj V Patil deepened on Saturday with party president Sanjay Tandon writing to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to highlight the “Administrator-bureaucracy nexus” and the “dictatorial attitude of the Administrator”. Tandon, in his letter, has demanded that the Administrator’s Advisory Council be dissolved.

The tussle began with the Administration holding the Advisory Council meeting despite local MP Kirron Kher saying she would be unavailable on the scheduled date. Following this, BJP leaders including Tandon, Satya Pal Jain and Bhajan Singh Maru staged a walkout from the meeting.

In his letter Tandon has said, “During the last 15 years that Pawan Bansal was MP of the city, particularly in the last 10 years of UPA rule, there has been gross neglect of the public’s opinion. Decisions have been taken and implemented despite stiff opposition from the people and political parties. Each of these was always presented as fait-accompli. Over the years the Administrator-bureaucracy nexus has become so strong that even the local MP was rendered ineffective.”

The letter further reads, “The fact that the people of the city have been ignored is very evident, as such meetings of the council were not held periodically. The last meeting was held on 30th November, 2012. For their own reasons, the Administration decided to postpone the meeting but only to 19th June, while it could easily have been held after 29th June. It is clear that there is absolute disregard for public representatives.”


Tandon also said that the autocratic attitude of the Administrator was evident as he said he would call the meeting at his discretion and was not bound to consult anyone about the same.

“The matter is extremely serious because the residents of the city are looking to be freed from the shackles of this Administrator-bureaucracy nexus. They are expecting this deliverance from the BJP representative and NDA government,” writes Tandon.

Apart from demanding that the Advisory Council be replaced by “members who represent the people of the city”, Tandon has also sought that the Home Secretary, Government of India, visit the city to take stock of the situation.