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BJP-JJP govt has put every family in Haryana under Rs 6 lakh debt: Bhupinder Singh Hooda

Debt growth higher than state’s growth rate; govt must tell where this debt was spent: Former Haryana CM

Bhupinder Singh Hooda during a press conference at his residence in Chandigarh on Sunday. Express

Former Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Sunday accused the BJP-JJP government of pushing the state into a debt trap. Hooda, who is leader of Opposition in Haryana, said: “Wrong economic policies of the BJP-JJP government have pushed the total debt of the state to Rs 3,11,779 crore which means every household (average five members in a family) in Haryana has a debt of about Rs 6,00,000.”

During the 2021 Haryana budget session too, Hooda had stated: “The BJP government is pushing the state into debt and is taking it towards bankruptcy. This is why the debt figures were not clearly stated in the budget speech. The government is hesitating to expose its failure. It is estimated that the total debt on the state has increased to Rs 2.25 lakh crore and every child in Haryana is born with a loan of Rs1 lakh on his/her head.”

Responding to the claim of Hooda, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had then stated: “There was a widespread issue that every child is born with a debt burden of Rs 1 lakh. This is good mathematics, it looks good because today the state has a debt of more than Rs 2 lakh crore while our population is more than 2 crore. Roughly anybody can count that there is a debt burden of Rs 1 lakh (on everybody)… but I want to tell one more mathematics. If all the assets (of the state) are counted, the same child is also the owner of Rs 12.91 lakh. I want to say that every government takes a loan and it will be taken in future too. In every five-year period, the debt (of the state) gets doubled.”

On Sunday, Hooda also expressed concern over the fact that the rate of credit growth in the state is more than the state growth rate. “The credit growth rate of the state has reached 18%, while a report by research firm ICRA states that during the BJP-JJP government, the agricultural growth rate of Haryana – which was among the leading states in agriculture during Congress government – has fallen to minus 2.5 per cent. Haryana is not even included in the top 10 states in agriculture growth rate,” Hooda said, adding that “Haryana’s industrial growth has reached -1.7%. The service sector growth is also a serious problem as its growth rate is -6.8%.”

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The former CM further said: “During the eight years of the BJP government, no medical college, big university, national or international-level institute, new railway or metro line, big industry or project came up in Haryana. Despite this, why the state government took loans of lakhs of crores is beyond comprehension. The state should tell where all this money was spent.”

Hooda said that five power plants were established in Haryana during the Congress government, which included a nuclear plant, while no power plant was set up in the eight years of the Khattar government. “This is the reason why the growth rate of power availability in Haryana which was 10%, has now come down to just 2% today,” he added.

Once again supporting the demands of the peasants, Hooda said that the government should withdraw all the cases filed against them during the farm laws’ agitation.
“By not doing so, the government is going back on its promise. By breaking its promise, the government is repeatedly forcing the farmers to take to the streets,” he added.

First published on: 21-11-2022 at 05:10 IST
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