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Thursday, August 18, 2022

A whole year of blogging and quite prolific at that how does it feel? It has been exciting,revealing and most enjoyable.

It has been over a year since Big B turned an intrepid blogger. In an exclusive interview over email,Amitabh Bachchan details the new media experience

A whole year of blogging and quite prolific at that — how does it feel?
It has been exciting,revealing and most enjoyable. The discovery of the medium and having an opportunity to connect to people directly without intrusion has been a rewarding experience.

Did you find it addictive? What’s the best part about blogging?
Addiction would be a more appropriate word in the world of consumption. But yes,there has been a strong commitment towards respondents who visit the site. And now a discipline has set in that prompts me to deliver every day. The respondents have become a part of my ‘extended’ family and our respect for each other is mutual and strong.

Have you succumbed to using Twitter yet?
What on earth is that?

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Do you follow any other blogs? Any that you thought were good?
I have been to a few,just out of curiosity,but not regularly. Aamir,Karan Johar,Shobhaa De and a very famous one from the US.

Among your posts,a few generated a lot of debate,such as your observations on Slumdog Millionare. Your comments,please.

Debate is healthy. In a free and liberal society debate adds to the longevity of democracy. But debate should be rational and without prejudice. Yes,Slumdog generated debate. Good. But in my case it generated it through unwanted bias and misrepresentation of facts. That is wrong and unpardonable. I have written a response on this to the newspaper that misquoted me.


Which of your posts received the largest number of hits?
Many. It would be difficult to enumerate them,but days of greetings,illness and hospitalisation and my challenges to the media have garnered maximum response.

Any blogging rules that you follow?
I am unaware of a code of conduct for blogging. If there was one and I was made aware of it I would diligently follow it. The rules that I follow are my own personal ethics and the ones that have been instilled in me during my upbringing.

There is Aladdin coming up where you play a genie — what do you think a genie’s blog post would read like?
If he is a genie — one that is supposed to possess superior powers — why would he feel the need to blog? He would merely wish it and it would be done.


Does your family follow your blogs? Who among them would be a good blogger and why?
Yes,they do. My daughter,Shweta,would make a good writer. She reads a lot and has a great sense of expression.

Will the elections find a mention in your blog?
If I feel there is something that I wish to comment on I shall do it.

Can fans expect updates on movies like Aladdin,Teen Patti and Chenab Gandhi on the blog?
Of course. There have been not just updates,but even more. Details of film shootings along with relevant photographs have found space on the blog and shall continue to find mention.

First published on: 15-04-2009 at 10:27:55 pm
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