Bidding for PGI shop,chemist offers 57.2% discount on medicines

Bidding for PGI shop,chemist offers 57.2% discount on medicines

The way Jan Aushadhi stores have flopped,similarly this shop will shut down in some time,said Gupta.

A city- based chemist,Shivangee Medicos,has offered to provide 57.2% discount on all medicines and surgical items in response to the tender floated by PGI last month.

The PGI administration had floated a tender for Chemist Shop Number 2 at old shopping complex. As per the tender,the firm which will offer maximum discount on all medicines will be given the contract for running the shop. However,the discount must be at least 50 per cent.

“Two firms bought the tender forms,but only one firm,Shivangee Medicos,is bidding and has offered 57.2% discount on all medicines,surgical items,consumables and other instruments,” said a source. “We are examining the bid and within a week all formalities and paperwork will be done. We hope that everything turns out to be positive and our purpose of providing maximum discounts to patients will be served.”

While the PGI authorities are hopeful about the shop,members of the Chandigarh Chemists’ Association (CCA) believe that it will be a flop show. “The condition of this shop will be similar to Jan Aushadhi stores. The way Jan Aushadhi stores have flopped,similarly this shop will shut down in some time,” said Khem Gupta,president,CCA.


He added,“There are chances that the shop will fail to provide all medicines. It will not survive for long,because providing 57.2% discount on branded drugs is not at all possible for any chemist,as one gets 16-20% discount only.”

Contradicting the argument of the CCA president,Shailesh Sanwaria,owner of Shivangee Medicos,said,“Chemists get 80% more discount than what is being quoted by the president. Chemists can sell 70% of medicines on full discount even as high as 57%. However,there is only small percentage of medicines on which there is less margin of 16-20%.”

The model of this tender is similar to that of AIIMS,New Delhi,where a 24×7 pharmacy shop is functioning within its premises that provides all medicines and surgical consumables at 56% discount on MRP.

Sanwaria added,“If the same model can run successfully at AIIMS,New Delhi,and AIIMS,Rishikesh,then why can’t it at PGI?”

At present,PGI has leased out chemist shops on its premises and entered into an agreement with each licensee to provide 15% discount on branded drugs and 30% discount on generic drugs and surgical items.

Earlier,Chetan Rao,DDA,PGI,had said,“The aim of the tender is to provide maximum discount to patients on all kinds of drugs,surgical items. The bidder offering maximum discount will be given the tender.”