Bansal slams UT officials’ functioning

Bansal slams UT officials’ functioning

The minister particularly singled out the recent demolition drives conducted in the city.

Union Minister and Chandigarh MP Pawan Kumar Bansal on Saturday took a swipe at the UT Administration by stating that its officials were functioning in a manner contrary to what has been proposed in the Master Plan. Stating that the city was functioning on an adhoc basis,Bansal reminded the officials of their responsibility to the people.

The minister particularly singled out the recent demolition drives conducted in the city. Over the past few months,shopkeepers,traders and residents have been up in arms against the demolition drives that the Administration has carried out in various parts of the city.

Talking to Chandigarh Newsline,Bansal stated that several proposals have been made in the Master Plan,for the development of Chandigarh,keeping in mind that the city is evolving. He,however,pointed out that till the Master Plan gets the final approval,the Administration should at least function according to what has been proposed.

“The Master Plan says that the villages that are part of Chandigarh have grown manifold. The proposal is to preserve them. The Administration,however,is taking action as if all these have to be demolished. They should move according to the Master Plan,” the MP said.


While admitting that violations “in the name of need based changes have taken place in hundreds of houses constructed by Chandigarh Housing Board” and that shopkeepers in different sectors have undertaken construction that is against the prevailing bylaws,the minister,however,said officials should have taken action very early. “It is a change that has been thrust upon the city and it is the duty of the officials to recognise this. When the violations had started,that is when care should have been taken. Now that hundreds of houses and shops have made changes,is it possible to demolish everything. Then why create panic by sending notices to a few people,” Bansal said.

“There is a whole battery of officers in the city. If they did not realise that violations were taking place then they missed out on their work and if they did see and ignore these then it is their fault. There is a need to find a lasting solution. A decision should be taken now keeping in view the needs of the future,” he added.

Bansal said that while trains,announced for the region,would start within the financial year 2013-14,other rail projects would be started once the details are worked out. He added that the train connecting Kalka and Katra that would pass through Chandigarh is likely to be the first to start .

The Chandigarh-Ludhiana link is likely to become operational in a month. An inspection of the rail line was conducted on Saturday.