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Back to Roots

For the last one year,Jackie Shroff has been relishing the fresh air every time he steps into his farm.

Celebrities are increasingly taking up farming activities

For the last one year,Jackie Shroff has been relishing the fresh air every time he steps into his farm. “It is a small patch of green just a few kilometres from the choked confines of Mumbai,” says Shroff. “If you live in a city,you will appreciate the peace,quiet and freshness,” says the actor who often drives off to his haven to recuperate in the natural surroundings. Organic farming is still a dream,but Shroff loves to cook whatever grows in his little nursery. “I would love to procure organic seeds too but there is so much pollution,I feel as if nothing can ever be pure,” says the actor.

Like Shroff,other celebrities too are looking outwards for a break from city life. Vindoo Dara Singh,for example,owns family land in Karjat near Mumbai and in Punjab,while the Deols flaunt their lush green property in Sahnewal,Punjab. Ever wondered where Rakhee Gulzar is these days? According to daughter Meghna Gulzar,who also plans to make a biopic on her mother,Rakhee’s been toiling hard at her farmhouse in Panvel near Mumbai. Anupam Kher too owns land in Karjat and plans to make an orphanage there. Nana Patekar is another nature lover. Whenever the actor has time,he rushes to his farm in Khadakvasla near Pune. “I love being close to nature. I am a farmer at heart,” he had said recently during a shooting schedule in Chandigarh. A foodie like Shroff,Patekar makes sure he grows his own veggies,cooks them and even rears poultry and livestock.

Ajay Devgn is an actor who has made a success of his farm ventures. His 28-acre farm in Karjat is devoted to organic farming,including mangoes. The papayas,bananas and berries from his farm are also sold at the local Vashi market.


Emraan Hashmi is another actor who plans to buy land to pursue organic farming. “During the shooting of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai,we came across Devgn’s farm in Karjat. I sensed his passion for his land and produce,especially the way he involves his entire family and makes everyone plant saplings on their birthdays,” says Hashmi. “Given the alarming levels of pollution and adulteration,it is great to own a farm and ensure safe food,” he adds. Here’s to greener pastures.