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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

An Untold Story

A Few More Patriots presents the life and times of Sardar Suchet Singh Aujla,one of the founding fathers of Indian Constitution

Written by Parul | Published: August 26, 2013 4:52:25 am

A nostalgic narrative of an era gone by introduced the audience to the life and times of Sardar Suchet Singh Aujla,a member of the Constituent Assembly of India and a signatory to the Indian Constitution. The occasion was the launch of A Few More Patriots (Himalayan Books),in the city. It’s a biography of Suchet Singh,penned by his son Gurbirinder Singh Aujla,former Director General of Police,Punjab.

Suchet Singh was one of the founding fathers of the Indian Constitution and represented Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU). He joined the service of the princely State of Kapurthala as Deputy Superintendent of Police and rose to the rank of Inspector General of Police,till his resignation from the state service in 1948. He then joined the Praja Mandal Movement,which ushered his entry into the Indian National Congress and he was elected as a member of the Constituent Assembly of India to represent PEPSU.

“I felt he was not appropriately represented in history,and it was my responsibility to bring out his invaluable contributions. So this book is my ode to him,” said Gurbirinder Singh,who has previously authored two books — a history of Punjab Police titled Second to None,and Police Training: A Profile. The biography,he admits,has been a labour of love. “I have written the life story of my father to bring out the ethos of his times,” said Gurbirinder Singh,who believes that celebrities alone do not make for good biographies and there are many unsung heroes with successful personal stories. Describing his father as a “courageous administrator of justice,brilliant Parliamentarian and scholar”,Gurbirinder Singh says that he deserves to be known and written about.

Researching his way through old records,photographs,personal correspondence,speeches in the Constituent Assembly and the Parliament,Gurbirinder Singh has offered a glimpse into his father’s genius and life. The biography occasionally switches to an autobiographical mode,where his father’s own narrative describes things. “As an articulate member of the Constituent Assembly and the Indian Parliament,he delivered momentous speeches on the floor of the Houses,which have been mentioned in the book. Also,it contains interesting details of his romantic liaisons with a series of women in India and England,including one from the Nehru family,” reveals Gurbirinder Singh.

The book also presents old photographs,letters,and images of seals,testimonials,speeches and condolence messages to throw light on the yesteryears. “I have an invaluable scrapbook that he left behind,and it’s a treasure. This book is as relevant for a serious student of history and politics,as it is for the lay reader,who would come across facts stranger than fiction,” says Gurbirinder Singh,who is working on a new book titled,In and Out of Step. “It’s about my experiences as a police officer,my trysts with politicians,and the problems faced by a civil servant. I was waiting to retire to say it all,” he says.

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