Advocate accused of bigamy

Advocate accused of bigamy

The court has summoned the advocate on May 2.

A local woman has filed a complaint in the Chandigarh district courts alleging that Advocate Arvind Thakur has committed bigamy and domestic violence. The advocate had allegedly physically assaulted the complainant. The court has summoned the advocate on May 2.

According to the complaint,Thakur told the complainant that he was 32 years of age. He did not tell the woman that he was already married. “Thakur had brought the complainant to the city after she had developed some differences with a person she was already living with. He brought her to help her to settle her life in the city. Instead,he married her and started living with her. From July 23 last year till March this year,the advocate lived with the complainant,” reads a copy of the complaint.

“Lately,the advocate stopped coming and living with the complainant. He also stopped providing her necessities of life and money. He was also responsible for domestic violence against the complainant as he on occasions tried to physically assault her and abused her,” the complaint further reads.

It is also mentioned in the complaint that Thakur had told the complainant that he will not pay the rent of the house they were living in as a couple,to make her leave the place. “The advocate exploited her socially and sexually,” reads the complaint.


When contacted the advocate who is also the chairman of Global Human Rights Commission,Arvind Thakur,said,“I do not know this woman who had complained against me. I never lived with her. This is a great conspiracy against me through this woman. ”.

The woman however had presented some pictures of her ‘good’ times with the advocate. When questioned about those pictures,Thakur said,“Those pictures are morphed. I have never met the woman”.