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Actors Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa are excited to be part of Punjabi cinema’s first sequel — Jatt & Juliet 2

Written by Jaskiran Kapoor | Chandigarh | Published: June 22, 2013 5:50:10 am

She is a strict Canadian police officer while he’s a happy-go-lucky hawaldar with the Punjab Police. Whether she is still the hyperactive buzzing doomna (a beehive) and he the adorable dangar (donkey) of part one is yet to be established,but Neeru Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh are excited to come alive once again on the silver screen. The duo will be seen as Pooja and Fateh respectively on June 28 in what is being touted as Punjabi film industry’s first sequel — Jatt & Juliet 2.

“Making the first part was such a struggle. We had our fingers crossed and never expected Jatt & Juliet to be such a roaring success,” says Bajwa. A record-breaking film of 2012,it’s been picked by Bollywood for a Hindi version,and somewhere along the line,director Anurag Singh and writer Dheeraj Rattan decided to take the story forward from there. “The script came first,more characters have been added,too,including comedian Bharti Singh. When it came to the title,Dheeraj decided to retain it as Jatt & Juliet 2,” adds Dosanjh.

It made sense,for the sequel plays around with the same characters and setting: Pooja and Fateh and their adventures in Canada and Punjab. “Our aim was to enjoy and not be under any pressure of part one being a stupendous success or giving in to a success formula,” says Dosanjh,digging into his pasta at Buzz Lounge Bar in Sector 17.

This time,Fateh,desperately seeking promotion,ends up accepting an assignment in Canada,hoping to complete it quickly. “But all his plans go for a toss when he is paired up with an honest and disciplined officer from Vancouver Police Department — Miss Singh — played by Neeru,” says Dosanjh. It’s love in uniform,and a battle of the sexes. Even in the first part,the success of Jatt & Juliet was primarily because of this clash.

Dosanjh won quite a fan following as Fateh,and plans to do the same kind of characters. Next,he is playing the role of Mukhtiyar Chadha in a film of the same name directed by Gifty. This one,says Dosanjh,is inspired by a real-life character living in Delhi called Mukhtiyar Chadha. “He is the go-to guy for everything,a jack of all trades. You ask him,and he will get the job done,from taxi to tickets to other odd errands. It’s still a mystery to me how he manages it all,buzzing all over Delhi on a scooter,” says Dosanjh,who has known Mr Chadha for five years. “We are all walking-talking stories waiting to be told,” he says. The film is set to release later this year.

Another era he wants to live on screen is the impact of 1984 riots on Punjab. After much struggle,Dosanjh and Anurag Singh have finally found a producer in Gunbir Singh Sidhu (who has also produced Jatt & Juliet 2). “I guess Sadda Haq’s fight has given courage to a couple of producers and directors to come forward,” says Dosanjh. The film,titled 1984 Punjab,will go on floors this August. Besides,Dosanjh is soon going to announce his music production house.

Talk of Bollywood,and Dosanjh says he is not interested in playing the funny sidekick to the lead character. “Make me a villain but not some sardarji cracking jokes or singing Punjabi songs. In any case,none of them tie turbans properly. Maybe,they should hire me to tell them the right way,” he says. Maybe,they should.

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