Now, file FIRs from Bangalore mall

Now, file FIRs from Bangalore mall

The remote FIR filing system, located at the popular Mantri Mall in west Bangalore, was inaugurated on Friday.

Instead of going to a police station to file a complaint about a crime, people in Bangalore can now go to a mall. In its efforts to become more accessible the Bangalore police has launched a remote FIR registration system in a collaboration with IT networking giants Cisco.

The remote FIR filing system, located on a three month pilot basis at the popular Mantri Mall in west Bangalore, was inaugurated on Friday by Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah.

Using CISCO innovations like its telepresence technology and its Remote Expert Government Services (REGS) systems people filing complaints at the Mantri Mall will be virtually transported to a police headquarters where the complaint will be lodged after incorporating requirements as per law including digital signatures on written statements .

A complainant will be able to sign, print and scan documents virtually and can also review the complaint with an expert to ensure that the FIR filed is error free. Once filed the citizen will get a copy of the FIR as an instant acknowledgement.


The remote FIR kiosk had been promised by the Bangalore police in the wake of a series of sexual assaults that occurred in private schools in the city in recent months.

“Karnataka has been at the forefront of technology adoption for public service delivery. This kiosk will make it easy for citizens to file an FIR. It will also help improve citizen-police relationship,” chief minister Siddaramaiah said at the opening of the kiosk.

“A crime often goes unreported because citizens are worried about the hassle of going to a police station. The remote kiosk will make it easy for lodging of complaints and will help the police address crime faster and avoid unwanted paperwork,” home minister K J George said.

Apart from registering complaints, the remote kiosk at the Mantri Mall will also provide various online services already provided by the Bangalore police such as police verification certificates and police clearance certificates. Lost items can also be reported at the kiosk.

Equipped with Cisco technologies, high-definition video and high-quality audio, a touch screen, and a virtual keyboard the kiosk connect people to a designated police officer based at the Traffic Management Centre the technology headquarters of the Bangalore police.

The kiosk at the mall will be open 24×7 and will serve as the central location for FIRs related to 105 law and order police stations and 42 traffic police stations in Bangalore, police commissioner M N Reddi said. “It will provide a comfortable, confidential and safer environment for women and youth to access the police force,” he said.

The police Friday also inaugurated the centralised cell at the Traffic Management Centre which will serve as the fulcrum for directing remote FIRs to police stations of the city.

A roll out plan across the city for the remote kiosks will be created depending on the success of the pilot kiosk over the next three months the police commissioner said. As part of the inauguration of the kiosk the BCP demonstrated a live FIR registration from the remote kiosk on Friday.

The Bangalore Police have over the years been early adapters of technology and initially experimented with deploying palmtops to its traffic officers over a decade ago to monitor traffic violations before settling down on a Blackberry system for it e-challan services. The police also have in place an automated traffic monitoring system and a finger print identification system.

According to the police video surveillance and analytics has reduced the rate of fatal accidents in the city by 19 per cent in the last four years and accidents have over all reduced by 30 per cent.