Man collects CCTV footage to nail son’s murderer in Bangalore

Man collects CCTV footage to nail son’s murderer in Bangalore

After police fail to take him seriously, the father of a school boy conducted an investigation on his own.

Kiran Kumar Yadav


The father of a school boy who went missing on February 4 conducted an investigation on his own and found CCTV footage to convince police of his neighbour’s involvement, on whose bike the 14-year-old was last seen riding pillion.

An investigation based on the evidence produced by the father has helped crack the case. Police arrested the neighbour Manjunath, 22, for the kidnap and murder of Class VII students Kiran Kumar Yadav. A welder, Manjunath allegedly killed the boy out of vengeance against his mother for allegedly telling his family about an affair he was having with a girl from the neighbourhood.

Kiran went missing soon after he got down from his school van near his house. His parents filed a complaint about their missing son and told police that they suspected Manjunath. Police initially treated the case as that of a teen running away from home and never took the parents’ allegations seriously.


The boy’s father Ravi Kumar Yadav took the matter into his own hands and managed to collect CCTV footage from a shop near their house which showed his son going with Manjunath on his bike shortly after alighting from the bus. It was only after he presented this evidence that police became more serious. Tuesday, they questioned Manjunath after which he reportedly confessed to the kidnapping and killing of the boy.

According to police, Manjunath confessed that he picked up the school boy near his house after telling him that his younger brother had met with an accident and was in the hospital. He reportedly took him to the woods near the Bangalore University campus and killed him with a knife. Police took Manjunath to the crime scene where the boy’s highly decomposed body and school bag was found.

Probe revealed that Kiran’s mother had reported against Manjunath to his parents after she saw him bringing a girl to his house. Manjunath’s mother reportedly reprimanded him and he had in turn threatened Kiran’s mother that she shouldn’t interfere in his personal matters. He killed her son in an act of revenge, police said.