Congress cannot be wiped out, Rahul says at Mangalore rally

Education is the only way to bring more people above the poverty line into the middle class, Rahul said.

Taking on the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for his calls during the ongoing campaign for the Lok Sabha polls to free the country of the Congress, vice-president of the party Rahul Gandhi Friday said the Congress ideology is rooted in India and cannot be wiped out by anyone.

“Congress is a thought and an ideology that is very old and one that cannot be eradicated from India. Those who have who wanted to eradicate it have themselves been wiped out,” Rahul Gandhi said while addressing a rally at the Nehru Maidan here Friday.

With Mangalore being a communal cauldron and communities polarized along the religious line, the Congress leader claimed that his party was trying to promote politics of love and brotherhood and defeat parties involved in politics of anger.

“They pit a Hindu fight against a Muslim and a Christian. They make the people of Karnataka fight with the people of Maharashtra. They want to see people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar thrown out of Maharashtra. In Mangalore they beat up women,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“Our philosophy is to take everybody along. We pursue love and brotherhood. We will fight those who play the politics of anger wherever we meet them and defeat them,” he said.

He refuted Narendra Modi’s idea that a country like India needed a single ‘chowkidar’ to guard its interest and alternatively suggested that the Congress could create crores of ‘chowkidhars’ competent to protect the interests of the nation.

The Congress leader said he saw Mangalore’s potential for growth on the lines of Bangalore. The Congress government will focus on providing infrastructure support to banking, education and the IT sector in the region, he said.

Education is the only way to bring more people above the poverty line into the middle class, Rahul said.

“We can achieve this is by providing access to higher education for everyone. Along with the existing graduation and post-graduation institutions, several other universities will be established so that everyone receives equal opportunity,’’ he said.

Chief Minister Siddharamiah took a swipe at the BJP for involvement of its ministers in the viewing of a porn video in the state legislature when the party was in power.


He said Modi was an RSS radical who would unleash the fundamental agenda of the RSS if voted to power.