Vadodara judge arrested for violating bail in sexual harassment case

The judge was arrested again in a harassment case filed by a woman for violating his bail conditions.

By: Express News Service | Surat | Published: December 16, 2014 4:21:44 pm

A suspended judge of Vadodara was arrested by Surat city police for his alleged involvement in sexually harassing a yoga teacher by sending abusive SMSes and calling her on phone, after he continued violating the conditions of anticipatory bail of Surat district court. The judge was later released on bail.

Nilesh Chauhan, who was a first class Judicial Magistrate in Vadodara district court, is a resident of Alkapuri society in Vadodara, and originally from Surat. Some years back he met an old classmate at a college reunion.

In the reunion Chauhan took the contact numbers of the complainant, who is 32 years old, and when he learnt that she was unmarried and a yoga teacher in a school in Surat. The accused, who is a father of two children, started befriending her by texting her and frequently calling her.

The complainant, suspecting the intentions of the JMFC started keeping a distance from him, but Chauhan kept calling her and harassing her by sending abusive messages. Fed up of his harassment she contacted Umra police station and lodged a complaint against Chauhan on May 15, 2014.

Sources said that Chauhan, as Judicial Magistrate First class at Vadodara District court, had issues with the Vadodara District Bar association and was suspended from the post in January 2014.

After the complaint was lodged Nilesh Chauhan, he went underground and got anticipatory bail from Surat district court.

The court, while granting anticipatory bail application had placed a condition that he should not harass the lady which he maintained for a few days but started harassing her again. From July 3 to September 15, he had sent around 2000 such abusive and threat messages to her on phone.

Seeing no change in the behavior of suspended judge, the complainant who stays with her father and brother, contacted Umra police and on September 29 handed an application to Umra police inspector S G Rana stating that, suspended judge Nilesh Chauhan had violated the conditions mentioned in the anticipatory bail application and continued harassing her.

Umra Police had arrested the suspended the judge on Tuesday and after recording his statements he was released on bail.

Umra Police inspector S G RAna said, “We arrested the suspended judge and as the offence entailed a punishment below seven years, we have given him bail and released him. The departmental proceedings of suspended judge is going on in Vadodara and we are waiting for the step taken by Vadodara district judge against him. If he again continues harassing her, we will register another offence against him. As he is a judicial officer under suspension period we have no way to get him grilled or take him under remand period.”

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