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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ustadji’s innovative approach to playing sitar captivates audience

The artists of the Indian Classical Music can be broadly classified into three categories – talented artists,accomplished artists and great artists.

Written by Sukumarmtrivedi | Ahmedabad | Published: January 13, 2009 1:59:22 am

The artists of the Indian Classical Music can be broadly classified into three categories – talented artists,accomplished artists and great artists. There have been several who have achieved the status of accomplished artists but have not become great. In the past,many artists have confessed that the path to become a great artist from an accomplished one is the most difficult and agonising.

After the sitar recital of Ustad Shahid Parvez in the ongoing Saptak Music Festival,a number of local artists and discerning listeners opined that Ustad Parvez is on his way to achieving the status of a great artist.

Ustad Parvez,who is acknowledged as the finest exponent of the Itawa gharana of sitar playing,captivated the listeners with a magnificent and technically perfect rendering of raag Yaman Kalyan. This raag is one of the most melodious raags of the Indian Classical Music and the fact that it is debatably the most used raag along with Bhairavi in all forms of music in India makes it that much more difficult for an artist to create new melodies from its given structure.

The way Ustad Pervez played this raag,it showed a new concept and approach to it. It also made the discerning listeners opine that Ustad Parvez was definitely moving towards attaining greatness. The most striking aspect of Ustadji,as he is affectionately called,is the clarity and the transparency of every note that he plays.

Creating no overlapping of notes has been the hallmark of Ustad Parvez’s rendering. The students and the players of string instruments know it requires years of hard practice and thought to achieve this level of the clarity of sound.

Another aspect of his technical virtuosity is reflected in his spectacular application of the meend or meendkam,the ultimate aim of any instrumentalist of the Indian classical music.

Among all the string instruments,it is most difficult to play the meend in sitar,because unlike other instruments where this effect is produced by rubbing or sliding the fingers on the string,in sitar,the artist has to pull the string just as much as it is required to play the notes correctly. Ustad Parvez,with his nearly absolute control over these two fundamental aspects of playing sitar has given a new approach to playing of the raag in all his renderings.

The way Ustad Parvez is able to create alap,Jod-jhala,compositions in slow,medium and fast speed,and the way he concludes Jhala with tabla,makes his performance unforgettable. In the Saptak festival held last year,he had played raag Bageshri,which people have not been able to forget till date.

There is no doubt that the people who were present on Sunday,will continue to talk about his excellence in rendering of Yaman Kalyan till the festival in 2010. It must be noted that Sanju Sahay accompanied Ustad Parvez with an appropriate and restrained performance on tabla.

Today in Saptak
The programme will start with a tabla duet by Kader Khan and Imran Khan who will be accompanied by Ikram Khan on sarangi
Maulik Shah and Ishira Parikh will render a Kathak performance with Jobi Joy on tabla,Ikram Khan on sarangi,and Mehmood Khan on sitar. The vocal support will be given by Prahar Vohra. This will be followed by Rajasthani folk music and Kutchi folk music performances

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