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Terror tag now a burden for Godmother’s kin

The Jadejas were always proud of their Mehr lineage and main business,Kandhali Transport.

The Jadejas were always proud of their Mehr lineage and main business,Kandhali Transport. Both names,when attached with Sharman Jadeja and later to become his widow Santokben,who went on to became the only mafia queen of India,evoked terror among miners and transporters in Saurashtra in the early 1990s.

Cut to 2009,Kandhal,the eldest son of Jadeja family,an accused in around dozen cases including murder and TADA cases,who was on the run for over two years,had not only changed his identity from Mehr to Patel to escape the police but had for the first time,disassociated himself from Kandhali Transport.

The Jadeja clan has disintegrated and the name does not evoke the same fear as earlier.

When Kandhal was arrested by Porbandar police on Sunday,his latest visiting card showed he belonged to Patel community and ran Ketan Transport. “For two years now,he told the locals that he managed Ketan Transport and used visiting cards of the company,” said Porbandar Superintendent of Police Dipankar Trivedi.


The officer added: “Many murders associated with the gang were revenge killings. The clan members are not into hardcore anti-national activities,but would kill for family pride.” Kandhal had also been living on fake identity. He had got a fake driving license in the name of Jeeva Natha Kadcha. He got residence for himself in a posh locality in Nigadi by furnishing proof that he was a Patel from Gujarat. The Rajkot police,from whose custody Kandhal had fled in February 2007,took him into custody on Monday.

Since the early 1990s,the Jadejas have controlled an annual turnover of over Rs 300 crore in the mining and transport businesses,in Porbandar. Even in the late 90s,when Santokben,whose life inspired Bollywood film ‘Godmother’,shifted to Rajkot,the Jadejas never dissociated themselves from their main activities.

The family witnessed a reversal of their fortunes following the murder of Porbandar councillor and business rival Keshu Odedara on March 1,2005,in which most of the family members are accused. Since then,three of the four sons of Santokben – Kandhal,Karan and Kana – have been on run.

While Santokben (60) is out on bail,the police are still on the trail of Kana. Karan,her second son,is in Sabarmati jail for the murder of Kandhal’s wife Rekha in 2006.