Software to track students’ records in state govt schools

Software to track students’ records in state govt schools

The performance of the students of Class II-VIII in nearly 34,000 government primary schools will be tracked through a special software.

AFTER child-mapping survey that mapped students within 6-14 years of age group across the state,the state education department is all set to track the performance of Class II-VIII students in nearly 34,000 government primary schools through a special software. Called the child-tracking system,the process has been put in place to keep a record of each student’s performance represented in charts and graphs along with other informative data.

While child-mapping was manually carried out last year as a mandate under the Right to Education Act to ensure each child gets education,child-tracking is an online initiative of the state education department. The data once prepared will be uploaded and made available online.

The child-tracking system is also aimed at giving a unique identity code to each student that will store comprehensive relevant data from the student’s personal information to his subject-wise details.

“The software has been developed keeping in mind the need to maintain an yearly record of each student in a simpler form that can be easily accessed by school authorities as well as external evaluators. The process of uploading the data is being carried out and will be completed by the end of this month,” said Manoj Aggarwal,former director of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA).


The project,to be carried out under SSA,will cover nearly 54 lakh students. The evaluation of around 7 lakh students of Class I has not been included in the project.

The software has been developed by Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb),the state-run body that facilitates investments and also has a full-fledged computer centre that provides IT-related services to various state departments,including the education department.

“Keeping in view the data of lakhs of students,a separate server has also been allocated for the project,” said Mukesh Kumar,former managing director of iNDEXTb,who took over as the SSA director from Aggarwal on Thursday evening.

The department attempts to complete child-tracking before the enrollment drive Praveshotsav slated in June. The idea is to help external officials visiting the school during the enrollment drive to have a quick view of the school’s performance. “Unlike manual reports,graphs and charts prepared by teachers will help officials analyse performance levels of students better,” said Aggarwal. At a later stage,a similar system may be put in place to maintain yearly performance records of teachers.