Modi is communal, casteist: Mistry

Modi is communal, casteist: Mistry

Mistry refused to declare his electoral strategy against Modi.

AICC general secretary Madhusudan Mistry, who has been declared as Congress party’s candidate from Vadodara to challenge BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, said here on Saturday that “Modi is wearing developmental mask to present himself before the world, but he is basically communalist and casteist at heart”.

Mistry, who reached Ahmedabad on Saturday from New Delhi, told mediapersons that Modi’s comments about Narendra Ravat indicated Modi’s “casteist face” and dubbing Arvind Kejriwal as a Pakistani agent and repeated references to Rahul Gandhi as “Shehzada” indicated Modi’s “communalist mindset”.

Stating that “Modi’s mindset is deeply communal”, he said that “Modi has begun using casteist and divisive language to provoke a section of the voters for political gains”.

Alleging that Modi was playing “casteist and divisive” politics, Oxford educated Mistry said that “use of such language by Modi aspiring to become the prime minister of the country indicated communalism and casteism of the highest degree in his (Modi’s) subconscious mind”.
Challenging Modi to have a debate with him on the issue of development, Mistry said that he had for long been waiting for an opportunity to face Modi and that time had now arrived.


“Let Modi have a debate with me on the issue of development at a time and a place of his own choice,” he said.

Stating that “Modi has been avoiding to face media”, Mistry wanted “Modi to interact with media so that people of the country can know Modi’s mind and thought on various problems facing the country”.

When reminded that he was fighting against country’s prime ministerial candidate, Mistry said, “I feel I am fighting an ordinary candidate in Vadodara.” Mistry, who is party’s in-charge of UP, said, “Modi is going to lose from Varanasi.”

However, Mistry refused to declare his electoral strategy against Modi. He said that Modi had been winning elections by using state machinery.

“Let him resign from chief ministership and then contest elections,” Mistry said. “The people of Vaddoara will give a proper reply to Modi about the falsehood he is spreading about development,” Mistry said.

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