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Gujarat | Job surety, Rs 3k unemployment dole: Kejriwal makes new promise

The second aspect, he said, was the promise to provide Rs 3,000 per month as allowance "till the time a youth doesn't get any job". "Third, we will announce 10 lakh government job vacancies in Gujarat.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in Rajkot, Gujarat, Monday. (Express Photo)

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor Arvind Kejriwal Monday announced “employment guarantee” and unemployment allowance for all unemployed youths of Gujarat if elected to power in the upcoming assembly elections.

Addressing a rally at Veraval in Gir Somnath Monday, Kejriwal made an appeal to all unemployed youths of the state not to take any extreme steps as he will provide “jobs to all.” In reference to the recent suicide of a government job aspirant youth—Jayesh Sarvaiyya—in Rajkot, he said, “I got to know that a 23-year-old kid committed suicide because he was unemployed and couldn’t find any job. Today, I have come to give a guarantee for employment. You don’t have to commit suicide now. There are elections in December and only five months are left; so, please wait for the time being and we will give jobs to everyone. We are greatly anguished whenever our children commit suicide.”

The AAP leader, who is on his seventh trip to Gujarat since April, arrived at the Porbandar airport Monday morning for a day-long visit to Veraval and Rajkot. Last week, during a rally in Surat, he had promised 300 units of free electricity to each household in the state if chosen to power.

“Today, I have come here to give a guarantee of employment on five aspects. First, within five years we will give employment to all unemployed youth of Gujarat. …we have made it possible in Delhi where we have given 12 lakh jobs in the past five years. Similarly, we plan to give 20 lakh more jobs in Delhi in the next five years,” he said.

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The second aspect, he said, was the promise to provide Rs 3,000 per month as allowance “till the time a youth doesn’t get any job”. “Third, we will announce 10 lakh government job vacancies in Gujarat.

Fourth is the paper leak scandals that keep occurring in Gujarat. We will bring a special law against paper leaks so that strict action can be taken against the paper leak mafia. The fifth aspect is that we will make the process of recruitment in cooperative societies of Gujarat transparent so that common youth can get jobs and not those who get placed by bribe or any canvassing,” said Kejriwal.

The Delhi CM also attacked the BJP government over the recent hooch tragedy that killed at least 42 people in Gujarat. “A day after the tragedy unfolded, I met victims at a hospital in Bhavnagar and was pained by their plight. The Chief Minister hasn’t met them nor has Paatil. I asked a BJP guy the reason behind it and he said these people won’t affect our votes. Not everything is about votes as the life of a human being is the most important. If the Delhi CM can visit the victims, then it is the duty of the Gujarat CM to visit them,” Kejriwal charged against his Gujarat counterpart Bhupendra Patel and BJP state President CR Paatil for not visiting the families of hooch tragedy victims in Botad and Ahmedabad.


He added that those who wished to give their children poisonous liquor could vote for the BJP, while those who wanted good schooling and health care facilities should vote for his party. “I asked the victims how they got the liquor. They told me “it’s available in villages every evening, we drink daily”. Even in cities, liquor is available at home delivery on a phone call,” said Kejriwal.

He also reiterated the promise of providing free electricity in Gujarat. “Recently, I came to Gujarat and gave the guarantee of electricity. Today, the electricity rate is so expensive that bills come into thousands even though a household has only a few fans, bulbs and a TV. What will those poor families eat when there is no rise in income, expenses are increasing and jobs are going away? Many people showed me power bills of Rs 50,000 and Rs 1 lakh that were fake. We have decided to write off all electricity bills that were pending till December 31, 2021,” added Kejriwal.

Kejriwal also hit out against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent “revdi” jibe against politics of freebies. “All these other parties are going to abuse me on TV media that Kejriwal is giving free revdis.


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These people are giving free revdis to their friends, ministers and Swiss Bank accounts while we give free revdis to the people. Recently, Bundelkhand Expressway was inaugurated which was built at a massive cost. Within five days, the roads were dilapidated. This means that free revdis were given to contractors and ministers,” he said, adding, “They say that if we give free electricity, free schooling and free health care facilities, then the government will face loss of revenue. Today, the Gujarat government has over Rs 3.5 lakh crore debt. Did I do that? All those opposing free revdis have bad intention. I say let’s have a referendum in the country, we will ask the people whether they want good education, good healthcare and electricity for free.”

First published on: 02-08-2022 at 01:36:03 am
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