Curious case of a dog eater

Curious case of a dog eater

Valsad district officials are looking for a man who ate a dog. After the case of a beggar,who was caught eating a dead dog lying by the road,was brought to their notice

Valsad district officials are looking for a man who ate a dog. After the case of a beggar,who was caught eating a dead dog lying by the road,was brought to their notice,the district authorities are hell bent on finding him. Rajesh Patel (39),a resident of Saron village in Valsad district,found a semi-naked man,about 50 years old,a couple of days ago. The man sat on the roadside near NH 8 with the carcass of a stray dog. “I watched the man take out a plastic box and a shaving blade from his gunny bag. I saw him cutting up the dog and putting the meat in the empty plastic box. And,later,he began eating it. I found it bizarre so I walked up to him and told him not to eat it. He stared at me,maybe because he did not follow Gujarati. So I gave him a Rs 50 note to have food from a nearby hotel,” Patel said.

Valsad district collector Dr Vikrant Pandey said,“We have started an inquiry. We suspect that the person might be mentally challenged .”

‘Fixing’ behind bars

The attempted jailbreak incident does not seem to have taught the Sabarmati Central Jail authorities any lesson. Recently,a jail staff,who was transferred in the fallout of the attempted jailbreak incident,has been lurking around the jail premises for the past several days. Officially,he is on leave. However,he has been secretly “fixing” meetings of jail inmates with their “loved” ones. Sources said that one of those who used his services was the BMW hit-and-run case accused. This former jail staff allowed his girlfriend to meet him illegally inside the jail.

In another case,the brother of a D-Company gangster had to be placed in the high security zone after officials recovered a cellphone from him. Apparently,this particular jail staff used his clout to get this gangster sibling out of the high security zone to a regular cell following a deal,say sources. Jail authorities have placed this “fixer” under watch to bust his network.

Fortune and favours


The good fortune of a senior BJP leader,who is out on bail in a high profile case,has benefited his close relatives too. A number of plump civic contracts in various cities in the state are increasingly being handed out to the company of this leader’s relatives.

While the contracts are awarded by respective civic authorities through a tender process,it is well-known that the bid is simply manipulated to oust the more experienced firms that have been in running for longer. Big redevelopment contracts,each worth crores,in cities like Vadodara,Surat and Vapi,have been bagged by the company owned by this relative in the last one year.

What is raising eyebrows in the corridors of power is that this firm is being favoured for contracts despite the lack of previous experience in executing such projects. In Vadodara alone,his firm is handling two huge civic contracts.

Edge of social media

Social media is the next step to redress grievances after optimum utilisation of the web-based online complaint redressal systems. This became clear when state urban development and revenue minister Anandi Patel launched the AMC’s call centre.

Someone asked her if one could register complaints on a public official’s Facebook account. She surprised everyone when she said that any complaint or suggestion received on her Facebook account was meticulously followed up and care was taken that it reached its logical conclusion in a given time.