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How to smartly manage your finances on the go

Paying bills, transferring money online, checking investments, etc., fit into our hectic workday with Airtel Payment Banks.

How to smartly manage your finances on the go

Let’s admit it – adulting is tough. There’s a constant battle between the time at hand and the numerous tasks we hope to achieve. On top of all that, managing finances can seem daunting to most millennials. But what if we told you all this can be made super easy and convenient? In fact, you can save time by completing various tasks on your daily work commute!

Airtel Payments Bank – the safest digital bank

Paying bills, transferring money online, checking investments, etc., are all chores that we try to fit into our hectic workday. However, these can be done at any time! Why not accomplish all these tasks with Airtel Payments Bank – the safest digital bank? Let’s take a closer look at all the activities that can be done smartly through Airtel Payments Bank.

Seamless banking activities 

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Digital bank account with Airtel Payments Bank

Open a digital bank account with Airtel Payments Bank within minutes – all it takes is a video call. Download the dedicated app and you can check your bank balance and transfer money online seamlessly. You can carry out all your financial transactions smoothly as the app is mobile compatible and has a very intuitive user interface.

Easy utility bill payments

Pay monthly bills

Remembering to pay monthly bills on time can be a pain. But now you can breathe easily. Whether it’s your phone bill, gas bill, or credit card dues, Airtel Payments Bank allows you to settle outstanding payments. The app’s easy-to-navigate UI/UX makes paperless payments a breeze. No longer do you need to stand in queues or sacrifice your working hours.

Smooth lifestyle-related payments

Have access to a smart digital bank

Whether it’s movie tickets or train/flight tickets, you can make bookings quickly with the safest digital bank account. Airtel Payments Bank frees you from the stress of other impending tasks, which means you can recharge your mobile/DTH, shop online, order food, or simply pay your grocery bills from anywhere as long as you have access to a smart digital bank.

Smart investments 

Many of us tend to put off making investments, thinking it to be a hassle. But Airtel Payments Bank lets you embark on your investment journey promptly, thanks to the availability of smart investment options such as DigiGold, fixed deposit, and a savings account with higher interest rates. You can also track your investment portfolio and make smart investment moves.



Once you have access to a smart digital bank, it’s very easy to strike off tasks from your to-do list. You can confidently do all these activities on the go with Airtel Payments Bank as it provides top-notch security with Airtel Safe Pay. What’s more, you can earn on every transaction thanks to an industry-best rewards program called Rewards123!

Download the Airtel Thanks app and switch to Airtel Payments Bank – and benefit from the safest digital account for all your daily transactions. Open your account today!

First published on: 01-12-2022 at 17:44 IST
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